The Professional 2?

Luc Besson once did a movie with Jean Reno called “Leon” that was shown here in the States as “The Professional.” If you can find the extended cut on DVD here in the States (it’s labelled as “Leon, The Professional,” as I recall, it’s worth doing so. It’s a pretty cool movie.

In it, Reno plays a hitman who befriends an orphan played by a younger (1994) Natalie Portman.

Now, Portman is talking about doing a sequel to the film next, with Besson. Could be cool.


6 Responses to “The Professional 2?”

  1. Ryan
    30. December 2003 at 01:07

    no no no.

    Natalie Portman should not do anything to soil the brilliance of “Leon.”

  2. Jay
    30. December 2003 at 10:11

    I loved the article Augie linked to because of the comment Portman made as doing “something she did when she was younger.” Anyone want to break the news to her that while she’s as gorgeous as the day is long, it’s The Professional that still ranks as her best film in the first place?

  3. augiedb
    30. December 2003 at 10:21

    Only slightly off-topic: I like it when 12 year olds talk about stuff that happened when they were still kids.

    But I have more to say about the aging process come the new year. I’m feeling very old these days.

    You’re probably right, though. LEON is her best movie to date that I can think of.


  4. San
    30. December 2003 at 15:26

    And Jean Reno is the embodiment of French cool.

  5. Jay
    30. December 2003 at 22:17

    San, he might’ve been at one time, but then he made “Just Visiting.” No way to stay cool and appear in that movie.

  6. Chris Arndt
    5. January 2004 at 22:49

    Ha! I’ve known about the so-called Professional sequel for some time (along with my associates).

    Given that she’s not untalented she could do pretty well in a sequel.

    The first movie is too good to be marred by another (totally seperate) movie which may have the same characters and creators.