First Screenshot

Linux Screengrab
I’ve settled on SUSE 9.0 for my Linux distribution. It solves just about every problem. A couple problems were fixed with some rejiggering of things, but now it’s up and running and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s the first screenshot of my plain old desktop. Click on it for a much larger image. I hope Linux purists will forgive me for using a JPG image instead of a PNG. It’s just a space concern at this point. The final screen checks in at 1024×768. This pic is resized downwards just a tad.

And, yes, those are icons on the desktop for QuickTime and Windows Media Player.


3 Responses to “First Screenshot”

  1. BronteJD
    30. December 2003 at 22:14

    Well, you answered my email request for a picture, obviously. :)

    It’s very….Mac-like. Interesting. All rounded and bright. :)

  2. augiedb
    31. December 2003 at 22:47

    Yeah, I figured why wait a week to give you a response on that part of the e-mail, when I could just show it off to the whole world?

    It is a very Mac-like interface. This is KDE with the new “Keramic” theme to it. I’ll be sure to post something with some open windows sometime soon. The title bars look very nice, and the text looks great when you see it on there. Definitely prettier than Windows.


  3. San
    1. January 2004 at 08:25

    One day, when my machine isn’t the server for the other computers in this house,, I’ll try and switch. I will!
    But can’t use mine now, and Bo won’t let me touch hers, so for now, it’s still Windows :)

    Besides, I can’t get anything to work under linux.