Angel, Season One

Best Buy has the first season of ANGEL on sale for a decent price. I’m grooving on FIREFLY right now and I hate that I have no further Joss Whedon/Tim Minear television to watch after I’m finished with it. (Two more commentaries to go, and I’ve seen everything.)

I gave up on BUFFY after the second season, but I’ve always heard nice things about ANGEL. Is the first season good? Is it worth picking up? Is it worth giving a chance? Should I bother?

The comment thread is open. Tell me what you think. Convince me, one way or the other.


12 Responses to “Angel, Season One”

  1. josh
    27. January 2004 at 14:21

    I love, love, love Angel. However, you really need to follow along on Buffy to really get the full effect of the series. And as a series, Angel really takes off during the second season. But, still, the stuff that’s really great is the threads that tie the two shows together

    My advice, if you like Firefly, continue on with Buffy. Season 3 was a high point for the show, and once you’re hooked, you’re in for the whole run.

  2. Chad Anderson
    27. January 2004 at 14:41

    As someone who gave up on Angel during the first season, I’d advise you to skip it. That said, I have heard that it got better as the seasons went on, so maybe it’s worth slogging through to get to the good stuff, I dunno. But I’ll second the fact that continuing with Buffy past Season Two is worth your while (of course I loved season two, so maybe our tastes vary). In a perfect world, we’d all have more episodes of Firefly to watch.

  3. kelvingreen
    27. January 2004 at 15:18

    Yeah. Skip season one of Angel. You miss nothing important, and it’s not very good. It remains too much in the shadow of Buffy at that point, and isn’t sure of what kind of show it wants to be. It creates its own vboice later on.

  4. Nick
    27. January 2004 at 15:54

    I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of Angel. That said, I don’t think I’ll be viewing each episode multiple times. The problem is that few of the episodes really stand out. It all depends on whether or not you can learn to like the characters. Personally, I loved Wesley when he was a goofball, and laughed all throughout season 1. In the end, though, the show didn’t really get started until season 2, and if you’re in a pinch, just start there. How good a sale are we talking? I might get it for a friend…

  5. Joe
    27. January 2004 at 16:02

    I have been a fan of Angel since this first season, and I urge you to pick it up. While season one is not the best, it does lay the groundwork for later years, and manages to hold its own. If the deal is forty bucks or less, you should definitely jump on it. If you only want one set, however, you should wait for a deal on season two.

  6. Robert Bentley
    27. January 2004 at 17:54

    All of Angel is worth it.

  7. Bill Doughty
    27. January 2004 at 21:36

    Season one of Angel was decent. It had it’s slow points, but like any rookie show, it was trying to find its feet (which can be even harder for a show spinning off from a successful parent series). In the end, the bad outweighs the good, and there are some pretty decent episodes (even the Buffy character crossovers).

    It does help, though, to have seen season 3 of Buffy. You’ll be able to follow along without it, but it helps to have followed Angel’s full character arc and why that led him to his new life in the spin-off (besides, Buffy didn’t really start going all blah until season 4 when they all started college, and then declined from there).

    But the best reason to watch Angel season 1? The dancing scene. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. It makes the whole series worthwhile.

  8. Evan Cantrell
    28. January 2004 at 09:56

    I would definitely go for it. I came to both Angel and Buffy after seeing Firefly, and really enjoy them both. However, I think I like Angel a good bit more than Buffy. So far I have only seen the first two seasons on dvd, bits of last season and all of the current season, and it just gets better and better.

  9. Scott DeWolf
    28. January 2004 at 10:24

    Personally, I like Season 1, most 2, and so far all of 4. Season 3 should be tossed and never viewed again. Joss’s vision and wit, as well as the core actors make the show. And the dancing scene (oh the dancing scene). And Augie: since you are a fan of comics, the first season has SO many comicbook references… The whole Batman motif that runs thru the first episode just cracked me and my wife up. And Spike’s monologue in the 3rd(??) episode was also a Bat-reference that kept me in stitches. The show’s worth it, just for all the comicbook references in most episodes.

    My $0.02


  10. Kevin Hines
    28. January 2004 at 12:04

    I Don’t think you should get it. I love Angel. I loved Season 1. Loved Season 2. Felt the second half of 3 and all of 4 were amazing! and am enjoying the current season.

    But if you didn’t like Season 2 of Buffy, then I can’t imagine you would like Season 1 of Angel. You might like it in season 3. I can’t imagine anyone giving season 4 a chance not liking it, but I wonder how much of my enjoyment was because I was invested in the characters by that point?

    I have only seen the aired Firefly shows, which I liked but, I rank Buffy Season 2 as the best thing Joss has done, so You see where my bias is.

    So I will reiterate, I don’t think you would like Angel Season 1.

  11. Trip Bakun
    28. January 2004 at 18:10

    It’s been a while since I watched the first couple of seasons of Angel, but can someone remind what this fabled dancing scene is all about?

  12. astroknight
    3. February 2004 at 13:09

    I loved Angel since the first season, which I thought really outdid Buffy’s fourth season (which I think we gave up on then). There’s a great Batman style vibe to it as well as some good storytelling. As with most first seasons it’s a bit uneven, but still quite enjoyable. I’ve happily bought both seasons of Angel (and look forward to #3) and haven’t ever regretted it.