Keeping up with DVDs

Thanks for all your great comments and thoughts on yesterday’s ANGEL thread. In the end, I’ve decided to pass. Some of the negative comments made a lot of sense to me, but in the end it was something else:

I watched the first two episodes of MI-5 Season One on DVD today. Amazing show. My heart is still in my throat from the second episode. Holy crap. I’ll do a full write-up of it after I get through the next four episodes. I’m glad I didn’t push it back any further to watch ANGEL.

I see the backlog of DVDs sitting around here I have to watch, and I realize I don’t need to add to that any more. COUPLING Season 3 was just announced today to be in the spring sometime. HOMICIDE Season 4 is coming in April. I still have only barely touched BABYLON 5, which I’d love to watch all over again. Ditto X-FILES, which I have about four unwatched boxed sets of. Then there’s ULTRAVIOLET, FUTURAMA, FAMILY GUY, MR. BEAN, RED DWARF, DILBERT, and a plethora of movies. I’m going to be a good boy and not add to that. I’ve managed to get myself into a groove of watching these things. I’m going to keep at it.

Maybe I’ll come back to ANGEL or even give BUFFY a serious second chance again someday.

Give it a week and watch me change my mind again, though. ;-)

(And belated special thanks to Mike E. for prompting these past couple of posts, to begin with.)


10 Responses to “Keeping up with DVDs”

  1. Matthew M
    28. January 2004 at 19:52

    Hmmm… fries, anyone? ;)

  2. Robert Bentley
    29. January 2004 at 06:58

    Yeh the second episode, damn. Only on UK shows will they go that far, USA Show would have had a happy ending. The entire first season is a great. MI-5 is a great DVD to get go out and buy it now!

  3. BronteJD
    29. January 2004 at 10:32

    Oh My GOD! We watched the second episode last night as well.

    I can only echo your sentiments. E.M. and I actually paused the screen, looked at each other, and were just stunned at what we had just seen. And they say American TV pushes envelopes?!?!?!? That was brilliant, amazing, shocking, and every other superlative you can think of.

    Glad I recommended the show now, aren’t ya?? ;)

    And Matthew M.?? EW!!!!!! ;)

  4. BronteJD
    29. January 2004 at 10:35

    PS: Any word on when Season 2 might be on its way to our shores???

  5. Trip Bakun
    29. January 2004 at 12:44

    MI-5 is a great show. Thank you A&E for showing the first 2 seasons on TV earlier this year!

  6. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. January 2004 at 15:19

    I just got the fries reference. Sicko. ;-)

    I haven’t heard any word on Season 2. Since the first just came out, I bet they’re waiting on sales figures. You’ll probably see it, though. A&E is good like that.


  7. Matthew M
    29. January 2004 at 20:50

    Sorry about the “fries” comment… maybe. ;)

    There will definitely be a Season 2 release this year, count on it. And I hope it comes a feature-packed as Season 1 did. Commentaries on every episode? Sweet!

    Oh, and avoid the Spooks/MI5 official message boards. They’re loaded with spoilers for S2 and beyond…

  8. Greg
    30. January 2004 at 06:14

    ULTRAVIOLET is awesome! Have you seen it before and haven’t rewatched it, or will this be your first time?

  9. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. January 2004 at 07:48

    I’ve not yet seen ULTRAVIOLET. It was on my Amazon Wish List forever, so I finally broke down and bought it not too long ago. It’s only 6 episodes, right? I shouldn’t have a problem getting through that in the next month or two. I’m on a roll these days.

    I just hope I can take the lead seriously. I knew him first from COUPLING. Hopefully, that won’t affect my judgment of the series.


  10. Greg
    30. January 2004 at 14:20

    UV is certainly the best thing Davenport’s ever done, and in some ways he’s the weakest of the ensemble. I’d move it up to next on your watching list. It’s only 6 one-hour eps and something that once you get hooked on, you want to watch the next immediately. Modern vampires done with intelligence; what more needs to be said?