Postcard from Penguin Land

ZDNet had a reporter at LinuxWorld in NYC last week, and he filed this story about it.

Two things about the event for people not interested in Linux:

  1. It’s a classic move on my part. I didn’t go. LinuxWorld is held at the Jacob Javits Center across the river from me every year. There’s always next year, right? Nope. Next year, the convention is in Boston. I doubt there’s any big scandal on this. It’s probably just the high cost of dealing with NYC Unions driving them out. But it means I may not be so close to the con ever again. Will I never learn?

  2. My favorite quote of the article comes from Bruce Perens. To put it simply, he’s a big Open Source Advocate. He said:

“Imagine what it took for Microsoft to piss off so many people that they’re all willing to work night and day without pay just to bring that company down.”


3 Responses to “Postcard from Penguin Land”

  1. San
    29. January 2004 at 11:14

    Failed FTP SuSE install. It crashes at booting. I’ll keep trying, but this is quickly turning into a farce :)

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. January 2004 at 22:59

    Yeah, but you’re trying to install through an FTP connection. Are you insane? ;-)


  3. San
    30. January 2004 at 12:26

    I’m cheap :P