Return of the Friday Links Round-Up

  • Frank Darabont is reported to have finished writing INDIANA JONES 4. So now it’s down to the last 5 teams of rewriters to punch up the dialogue, add inexplicable and pointless action scenes with large explosions, and a couple more dialogue polishes before being put into production. (2:1 odds on Joss Whedon being involved.) Then, the director and the actors will rewrite it as they go, ad libbing over most of it and sucking the soul out of Darabont’s original scripts. Or perhaps I’m far too cynical about the way Hollywood works. . .

  • More rumors on the inevitable STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE shakeup that’s coming.

  • The Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery. (Special thanks to Journalista for the link.)

  • Cool pic of the day: Bullet through apple.

  • A map of the universe, starting from the earth’s core.

  • Still no updates on “Calling Augie”, the smash movie due out any year now.


One Response to “Return of the Friday Links Round-Up”

  1. Sean
    30. January 2004 at 17:31

    That bulllet through the apple takes me back 20 years… the sounds of “Smooth Up in Ya” and the Bulletboys. I’m pretty sure that pic was their album cover artwork.

    Still, a pretty cool pic in any decade…