Why do they do that?

I subscribed a few weeks ago to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine. It’s one I’ve always enjoyed reading at the barber shop about every six weeks or so while I wait my turn for a trim. When they sent me an offer to get a year’s worth of the magazine for $20, I jumped at the chance. I like the magazine, and I like getting cool things in the mail. Win/win.

Well, it seems the subscription has started with a vengeance. On Tuesday, I received the January and February issues on the same day. On Wednesday, the March issue showed up.

At this rate, my One Year subscription will last approximately one month.


3 Responses to “Why do they do that?”

  1. Jeff Kulisek
    20. February 2004 at 10:12

    National Geographic promotes itself as yearly sets so you will recieve the complete 2004 set for your year subscription.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    20. February 2004 at 10:31

    Ah, thanks. That explains it. It makes a certain amount of sense, too.



  3. Chris Arrant
    22. February 2004 at 21:24

    A similiar thing happened to me recently with a gift subscription to Alternative Press. I recieved last month’s issue on a Tuesday, and the current month’s issue on a Wednesday.

    I think most major magazine’s hire out for their subscription service; or it might be an industry practice.