Reboot Returns

It’s been a while, but Mainframe’s lovable group of computerized beings is returning to DVD soon. The two television movies that were created after the events of the last DVD releases, will be released on DVD in May. The specs are impressive: Anamorphic widescreen with 5.1 surround sound.

Sadly, there’s still no word on what’s going on with the first two seasons of the show, which originally aired on ABC. It was a confusing mess back then, but entertaining in its own right. By the third season, it found itself and produced some memorably cool episodes.

Now, everyone tap their chest twice and repeat after me, “REBOOT!”


2 Responses to “Reboot Returns”

  1. BronteJD
    23. February 2004 at 14:01

    REBOOT ROCKED. My brother actually ordered the DVD sets from Canada, I believe…I’ll have to check to see what seasons he has.

  2. Bill Doughty
    23. February 2004 at 17:27

    Reboot was excellent. The first season kind of meandered, but produced a few great episodes (the RPG episode spotlighting Mike the TV, and the one with Enzo’s birthday in particular). About midway through the second season is when it started getting really good, from the introduction of AndrAIa onward. Continuing plotlines + great parody episodes (the X-Files episode with Gillian Anderson as Data Nully, and the Power Rangers/Voltron spoof) = Reboot at its very best. Let’s see those on DVD soon!