New releases, 24 Feb 2004

The entire list can best be found at on their “Release Calendar” page.

Here are some highlights:

Hamlet (1991)

This is the Mel Gibson version, right? Interesting timing there.

Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope

More interesting timing. I’ll assume this has been planned for months, though. I’m not that cynical.

Matchstick Men (2003)

Ridley Scott directs, as I recall. That makes it interesting. A rental.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)

I have no interest in the entire franchise. But, c’mon, a 3-D movie on DVD? How cool is that?

Tom Jones: Live at Cardiff Castle

I admit it — I own a Tom Jones CD boxed set. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s my one little throwback to an earlier musical time of lounge lizards and nobody writing their own music. He’s just got a cool-sounding voice.

In other words, I’m not buying anything this week again. Next week doesn’t looking much better, although SPACECAMP and LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION both street to start off March. My wallet once again breathes its sigh of relief.


10 Responses to “New releases, 24 Feb 2004”

  1. BronteJD
    24. February 2004 at 11:32

    Going to have to get the Hamlet DVD. Anything Shakespearian on DVD gets purchased, pretty much…

  2. Broc Heasley
    24. February 2004 at 11:36

    Matchstick Men, what a great movie. Definitely a buy for me. It is truly unlike any other con movie you have ever seen. I won’t ruin it for you, but what this movie has on its mind is so much more than cool cons. I figured it out in the first half hour, but I still did not expect the last 10 minutes (that seemingly contradictory statement will make sense once you’ve seen it). See it as soon as you can, I just can’t recommend it enough.

  3. John C.
    24. February 2004 at 13:19

    Gibson’s Hamlet was excellent – I did a paper for a class when I was pursuing my MA comparing Gibson’s conception of the character with Branagh’s, as based on their performances.

  4. Tracie Mauk
    24. February 2004 at 13:31

    Yes, after watching my lord and savior get horrifically beaten and humiliated beyond the likes of which I can imagine, I just might want to settle down with the heartwarming tale of Hamlet and his hillarious family woes. Poison in the ear, anyone? Ohhhh, that Shakespear. What a kook.

  5. Jonah Weiland
    24. February 2004 at 17:43

    A friend of mine went to Las Vegas two weeks ago and on a whim took in a Tom Jones show with his wife and they both totally loved it. He still has appeal amongst us young kids.

  6. Joseph J. Finn
    24. February 2004 at 19:58

    Haven’t seen the most recent, but the Spy Kids franchise is pretty cool. Kind of movies you can watch with kids or nieces/nephews, and not feel brain-drained.

  7. Broc Heasley
    25. February 2004 at 11:52

    Agreed, the Spy Kids series is great. But I have to admit t hat 3-D is a weak effort. Visually exciting, but not much more. Someone please explain to me why Grandpa went after a butterfly, I just don’t get it. His grandson is in mortal danger and I’m supposed to believe that he’s so intoxicated by his virtual body that he chases a flying insect? There has to be more to it than that. Still, I’ll buy it if only for the super cool race. That blew me away.

  8. Christopher J. Arndt
    27. February 2004 at 01:46

    Matchstick Men.

    buy it fool.


  9. Jeff
    27. February 2004 at 13:50

    AHHHH. You didn’t list Chappelle’s Show on DVD in the new release list. It’s sold out EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t believe my ears.

  10. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. February 2004 at 14:11

    Today, I bought MATCHSTICK MEN. I hope you’re all happy. I’ll probably have a chance to watch it either tonight or sometime tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it now.