Group 3 Performances

Take all the guys in Group 3 and throw ’em out the door. They weren’t good enough.

Jon Peter was a bad lounge lizard. It will likely be true that only Clay Aiken will ever go through on the strength of an Elton John song performance.

Eric Yoder was just weak. The slow stuff didn’t suit him. When he pushed it towards the end, he was passable, but nowhere near good enough, overall, for Group 3.

Jonah Moananu was the worst of the week with his monotonous lack of musicality and the need to pull a run out of every possible syllable. Particularly atrocious was his pronounciation of “Herrrrrrr.” It will go down as one of the funniest AI3 moments of the year, I’m sure. It was doubly bad when they featured that line in the final wrapup at the end of the show. (Hint: Hold the vowel sounds when you sing, not the consonants.)

Elizabeth Letendre would have ranked high in Group 2. In this week’s group, though, she’s not going to fare too well. I thought she was good and maintained perfect straight-backed dancer’s posture in those overly-plush red room chairs. And while she’s very cute, would it be completely wrong of me to wonder why she has such, er, chunky legs as a dancer?

Although I initially disagreed with Simon’s comments that the performance wasn’t good enough for AMERICAN IDOL, I think subsequent performances last night proved him right.

And it only took till the first song this week for a whitney or Mariah song. ::sigh:: Some week, I hope we can go the entire show WITHOUT a Whitney, Mariah, or Celine song. This week, we scored 3 songs from that group.

Amy Adams is this year’s Vanessa Oliveras. She sounded great. She’s a natural. She has a personality. She was definitely an early favorite.

Charly Lowry is another interesting one. She had a big problem, though, in the way that she kept time with the music by bobbing at her knees. I thought Simon was going to call her “karaoke” for that. “Chain of Fools” needs a different sound than what her voice gave it, I think, but I don’t think she has a bad voice at all. I just “didn’t feel it,” as The Big Dawg would no doubt say. Bad, but not awful, song choice.

Leah LaBelle I was not nearly as wowed by as the judges were. She was good, but I don’t think I’d vote her through. I have two others I’d favor. Still, she’ll be a favorite amongst the people voting from home. I think she might have been better if I had just listened and wasn’t distracted by the way she was hunched over the microphone so much and the way the arms flailed about.

Finally, LaToya London had one of those performances that will remind people of the great AMERICAN IDOL songs, like Clay Aiken doing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (or “Solitaire”) or Tamyra Gray’s “A House Is Not A Home.” Now, we have “All By Myself” from LaToya London. She has perfect control of her voice. She didn’t force it. She held that long note for about a dozen beats and never wavered at all.

Still, I can’t think of that song without flashing back to that DREW CAREY SHOW episode. I miss that show.

Anway, I want and think LaToya London will go through. I would also vote for Amy. America’s voting patterns are unpredictable, though. While I think they might go with LaToya and Amy, I wouldn’t rule out Leah. Or even Charly. My Dark Horse candidate for the week? Jon Peter. He’s quirky enough that people may want to see more of him. I just hope he could sing a song in a way as to keep it vaguely recognizable next time, though.

4 thoughts on “Group 3 Performances

  1. Interesting that you didn’t point out how Leah LaBelle changed her last name like you did multiple times with a contestant over the past few weeks.

  2. Wes –> Good point. I honestly just missed it. Thought something was odd; I mean, “LaBelle” doesn’t quite scream “Bulgarian” to me, either.

    Well, there you have it. Now we’re on record with it. =)

    Thanks for catching that. I’ll try harder next week if I have the time to check up on the next batch of contestants.

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