This week’s Intellivision story

It’s been 20 years now since Intellivision laid off its staff, and many from that stuff gathered together again (at the local mini-golf hangout) to remember it. The Blue Sky Rangers live on. It never ceases to amaze me how much game these guys got into a small memory slot. Those old Intellivision games were programmed in their entirety in something like 4000-8000 bytes. It’s ridiculous. By comparison, UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 is being released this year across 6 CDs or 1 DVD. And as much as I love the demo, it’ll never surpass the hours of fun I had with TRIPLE ACTION’S Bi-Planes game.

In any case, Slashdot has the story and links.


One Response to “This week’s Intellivision story”

  1. mike joyal
    27. February 2004 at 14:46

    Man, I had a blast with that biplanes game. Wow, that brought back memories. To this day I wish I had completed that space game with the voice activation headset to fire. It wa a huge planetscape space simulator where you could land and gather artifacts to reveal this language. It was great.