Group 3 Results

If Amy Adams had sung like that on Tuesday night, I never would have advocated voting for her. But, hey, they picked her to go through and then made her sing through the excitement. Can’t blame anyone for bad performances on Wednesday, in all honesty.

I’m overall pleased with the results of the voting this week. The two people I wanted to go through, made it through. The only sticky wicket in the voting was Jon Peter Lewis getting the third most votes. Frightening. I’m sticking with the theory that it’s the young female vote that got him that close. They need their cuties to vote for. (Heck, I was also rooting for Elizabeth LeTendre, so perhaps I’m not one to judge people on that.)

Leah LaBelle (nee “Vladowski” – is “LaBelle” very Bulgarian?) did deserve better than she got in the voting. In reviewing her peformance from Tuesday night, I found I enjoyed it more the second time around. The oddness in her body movements disappeared on the second go-around for me. I hope she makes the Wild Card Round. Actually, given the comments of the judges, she’s a lock for it.

Next week’s group is a mystery to me. It’s good to see George Huff return, though, taking the place of another Idol who was pulled after getting caught driving drunk at 100 MPH after a Going Away party his friends threw him before he left for Hollywood. This is, of course, all alleged. In any case: Whoops.


One Response to “Group 3 Results”

  1. Wes C. Addle
    26. February 2004 at 09:29

    I think Jon Peter Lewis got the votes he did for the same reason Matthew Rogers: his personality. Lewis is HILARIOUS. However he didn’t have the benefit of the producers (and host) CONSTANTLY telling America how funny he was like Rogers did.

    Admit it, that bit on the couch with Ryan Seacrest (“I don’t know if I want Randy feelin’ me.) was hilarious.

    You could tell Seacrest couldn’t even look at him after that because he was afraid he’d crack up.