Some thoughts on this week’s SUPERMILLIONAIRE series:

  • It’s nice to see a game show which hasn’t been dumbed down. This one has gotten much harder. The prizes awarded are much greater, though, so it makes sense. So far, I haven’t seen any good case to be made for giving easy questions to promote a big winner. The temptation for the producers will no doubt be there for the final contestant of the week on Friday night, though. Keep a careful eye on that one.

  • Regis still tries to help. I watched the Massachusetts woman in agony as Regis tried so hard to steer her to two correct answers. It worked the first time, but she didn’t listen closely enough the second time, on the “Tinkertoys” answer. She walked away with nothing.

  • This still begs the question as to why the guy on Tuesday night didn’t ask The Three Wise Men [sic] for help when he had a NASA scientist on the panel to answer a question about the chemical composition of the earth’s core. Insanity! With those two new lifelines at the $100,000 level, using them both gives you pretty good odds of hitting the half-million mark. It’s a free guess, you get two chances, and you can even get input from the Wise Men. If you have one of the original lifelines left, all the better. Go into the game playing for $500,000.

  • That said, the “Double Dip” isn’t as great as it sounds. Used in conjunction with the 50/50, it guarantees you a correct answer. If anyone could last to the million dollar question with those two intact, it could mean big money. However, it really only eliminates one option for you. If you can narrow it down in your mind, it’s worth the risk. If you’re going for a million and you have no clue, the double dip only makes it 50/50.

  • Nerves are getting to a lot of the contestants. All three of them on Tuesday night looked like they were going to have a heart attack at any second.

  • It looks like the million dollar mark is the sweet spot. $500,000 is doable, but a million will take a strong will. We’ve had one of those so far, and it was the most exciting round yet. The questions thus far are far too hard to hit the $10 million level with. I can’t wait to see what one of those questions looks like. (“To the nearest pound, how much did Walter Hudson weight in December 5th, 1992?”)

  • This is a fun way to bring the format back to primetime television and I hope they do bring Regis back for another sweeps week in May.

Two nights to go, and I’m looking forward to both of them.


4 Responses to “SuperMillionaire”

  1. Tom Galloway
    27. February 2004 at 15:00

    I was in the pool to be on the episode that aired Monday, but of course didn’t get the call. Extremely frustrating to watch both Fastest Finger winners that night flame out early, one stopping at $30K and the other missing the Tinkertoys question. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d be able to get up to the $100K level with at most one lifeline gone, and then depending on the questions should be able to get through the million OK. But given the difficulty level of the tier 3 questions, it’s going to take someone as insane as Dan Avila on Greed for us to ever see a $10M question (Avila was the only person on Greed ever to go for their top $2 million prize, and apparently he’d just decided at the beginning that he was going to go for it and kept going, even with the rest of his team frantically signalling him to stop at several steps along the way).

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. February 2004 at 15:25

    GREED was good. I remember Avila, too. He was insane, which is what made him so much fun. GREED still ranks as one of my favorite game shows of all time. It’s a damn shame it didn’t make it. It was better than MILLIONAIRE and 21 and all the other game shows the networks rushed to put on the air that season. It had it all. And I’ll never forget the guy who made the words famous, “I’ve been following your career a long time, Chuck, and I know you never hosted WHEEL OF FORTUNE.” I’ve never laughed so hard at a game show contestant in my life. His teammates must have killed him.

    And I know one guy who actually made it to the show. I think I’ve met him once or twice in San Diego. ;-)

    While I am doing OK with SUPERMILLIONAIRE, I have to admit that I’ve blown a couple of questions that would have been embarrassing to blow. (I missed Pink’s real name, for example. Duh And the WORKING GIRL question I didn’t know. I would have guessed PRETTY WOMAN.) You would kick ass on that show, though, tyg. And you’d probably be less nervous than the scaredy cats with funny accents they keep putting on. =)

  3. dan avila
    6. April 2004 at 00:46

    I’m not really THAT insane……but I am a lot of fun. And to quote Gordon Gecko, “greed is good”.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    6. April 2004 at 09:02

    Wow, a real life celebrity posting to my meager little blog. Cool!

    OK, I know “celebrity” is pushing it a bit, but anyone who’s as big a fan of GREED as I am will no doubt give me that one. =)

    Thanks for stopping by, Dan!