Oscar thoughts

Some pre-Oscar thoughts:

Peter Jackson should win Best Director. There’s no competition in that category. Zero. Nobody else devoted 7 years of their life to a movie, and I doubt many of them could get the high quality Jackson did should they attempt it.

Everything after that is secondary. I think LORD OF THE RINGS will win, but it will have some competition. The Academy wants MYSTIC RIVER to win something, after all. If Johnny Depp walks away with Best Actor (and how I hope he does) then they’ll feel really bad about Sean Penn and Clint Eastwood winning nothing.

I likewise hope Tim Robbins doesn’t win, but that might be more politically-motivated than performance-related.

I’m rooting for Bill Murray to win Best Actor, because I want to see his acceptance speech ramble on for five minutes making fun of everyone in the place. Then I want to see Crystal’s reaction to it. (Probably down on his knees bowing to the greatness that is Murray’s speech.)

I’ll give Copolla the Best Screenplay award while I’m at it, since it won’t win the Best Movie.

FINDING NEMO will win Animated Film in a laugher.

I’m hoping the girl from WHALERIDER wins, just to see an acceptance speech from a teenager. And it’ll make Roger Ebert happy.

I suppose it’s another laugher for Charlize Theron as Best Actress. Let’s see how she destroys her career after that, a la Halle Berry and Cuba Gooding Jr. (Think ‘genre films.’)

Let’s just hope Crystal can go five minutes without a Michael Jackson or Martha Stewart joke.


5 Responses to “Oscar thoughts”

  1. Noel
    29. February 2004 at 18:20

    Charlize Theron will be starring as Aeon Flux in the movie of the same name. Seriously.

    Also, although FINDING NEMO will probably win, it may not be a laugher. THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE is really really good. Not as good as NEMO, but it has its followers. Still, BELLEVILLE is probably too idiosyncratic to be a favorite.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. February 2004 at 18:24

    Thanks for all the proof I needed of Theron’s demise. Although, to be honest, I knew I heard of SOME movie SOMEWHERE starring her that I thought was odd. I just forgot which one.

    Let’s hope they keep the costume. ;-)

  3. BronteJD
    29. February 2004 at 23:34

    I am so with you on the Tim Robbins thing, Augie. Ugh. I would have MUCH preferred Ken Watanabe, who gave a much more dignified, calibrated performance.

    I desperately want Johnny Depp to win, but not at the cost of Lord of the Rings winning best Movie. Besides, Tim Robbins won, so maybe that’s the award it’s getting; it won’t be walking away empty-handed.

    Bill Murray winning would be acceptable as well. Just not Sean Penn.

  4. Matthew M
    1. March 2004 at 00:55

    What’s a “laugher”?

  5. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    1. March 2004 at 17:42

    A “laugher” is whenever the margin of victory is so large that it’s laughable.