More recapping

Yes, Gloria Estefan night was something of a bore. But it does bring out the best in the AI recappers.

Check out TelevisionWithoutPity (“Jennifer Hudson Is Not Dead”), USA Today (“a strange sequence of goat-like bleats and off-key notes galore”), and RealityNewsOnline (in which everyone but John is destined to go home) for three funny recaps. I like the fatalism in RNO’s recap, as unwarranted as it is…


3 Responses to “More recapping”

  1. bluuzman
    28. April 2004 at 12:01

    That RNO guy is hysterical. Imagine John Stevens the winner of American Idol 3–the country’s senior centers will be rockin’ like crazy!

  2. Eric
    28. April 2004 at 13:20

    “Goat-like bleats.” LOL. I’ve gotta steal that line…

    Anyway, after weeks of fighting it, I’ve finally conceded we’re not getting rid of John any time soon. Don’t get me wrong–should he leave tonight (and he most assuredly should) I’ll be dancing a jig. But, like the RNO guy, I’ve entered the acceptance phase. At this point I’d almost get a perverse pleasure out of seeing him win if only so we can see what the hell the producers do with him.

    One more thing: Enough with the pity poor John thing. I respect him for not whining like a baby, but, no, he deserves no platitudes for being the object of scorn. In the immortal words of Airplane: He bought his ticket, he knew what he was getting into. I say, let ‘em crash.

  3. Wes C. Addle
    28. April 2004 at 13:44

    John Stevens shows why the producers absolutely refused to bring William Hung back in the wild card round.

    After reading that TWOP article, I DEFINITELY want Fantasia gone this week.