Comments fixed

I think I have the sizing fixed on the pop up comments window. Clear your cache or refresh this page to get a hold of the new template. It’s a lot bigger window now. Should be easier to read and write in. If you have any problems, see anything weird, or have any suggestions for it, leave a comment with this post. (Yes, I recognize the irony.)


5 Responses to “Comments fixed”

  1. carol
    26. May 2004 at 15:04

    hey do you know where i can find media from this season on the internet apart from the website, idolonfox

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    26. May 2004 at 15:51

    Last season, I was able to get everything I was looking for (and more!) from Kazaa. Try or check out a P2P service of some kind, like BitTorrent.

  3. Jeremy
    26. May 2004 at 16:28

    Yes, Fantasia is today a better singing entertainer than Diana.

    But you still throw your vote to Diana? I’m confused.

    She’s good enough to record right now

    Since when is “good enough” the winning formula?

  4. Jeremy
    26. May 2004 at 17:13

    Whoops. Left my comment on the wrong thread…

  5. WebmasterMama
    27. May 2004 at 09:46

    Much better……..