The final performances

Being a general rambling on last night’s show, and not quite the award-winning focused recap that it should be…

Last night’s show disgusted me. Never before has the show been staged, produced, and tilted so far in favor of one contestant. Even in the first season where it was clear that Kelly was ten leagues better than Justin, the judges never owned up to that fact until the very final show, after all the votes had been tallied. This year, we have Simon trying to top himself each week in praising Fantasia to make sure his girl gets in: “What does it say behind you?” “You’re the best contestant we’ve ever had.” Puh-leeze.

Even if you think Fantasia deserves it, at least show Diana some modicum of respect.

Diana nailed the Idol song right out of the gate. Amazing. Perhaps she shouted a couple bits too much, but her voice was strong. She kept up with the song. I had the same chills when she was done that I had when Kelly Clarkson sang “A Moment Like This” at the end of the first season for the first time. And what does Randy think? After comparing her to his top echelon of divas (Whitney, Celine, etc.) he could only backtrack to a meek “You did good.” UGH It’s like he caught himself before he praised her too much. He was afraid of throwing her a vote, I guess.

If she had sung that song last, it would have been the show stopper. Sadly, she lost the coin toss. (Get your conspiracy theorist hats out: Fantasia called heads before Diana could call a side. Tamyra flipped the coin, and we all know who she wrote that song for… Yeah, this parenthetical aside is a joke. For me, at least. There’s probably someone out there on the internet who’ll take it seriously, though.)

And what’s with the penguin dance the choir was doing behind her? I laughed at that one.

Fantasia sings the same song and it sounds perhaps a bit more natural coming out of her mouth, if only because it’s more in her style. Hmmm, a gospel choir backing up the contestant on a song written by Tamyra Gray. Gee, I wonder who that’s going to favor? But even though the song favored her style more, I don’t think she did as good a job with it. It was more of the same Fantasia, being the showman first and the singer occasionally.

Seeing all the former AI contestants and judges crying after that performance? They must be high. They’ve bought all the trappings of the AI Coronation. They’ve fallen for it. They drank the Kool-Aid. They’re not even thinking anymore. They’re mind-numbed zombies. I have no clue what they were listening to. (At least with Amy Adams, we can blame all the black shoe polish she had in her hair last night.)

“Summertime” was an Idol high point this season on its first go-around. Now, on the third go-around singing it, she sounds bored with the song. She’s trying to riff on it constantly. It was almost as bad as George Huff on Manilow week. The warbles came back. The “yeah yeah yeah”s got more pronounced. It was not nearly as inspiring as the first time around. The judges, though, took long cool sips of the Kool-Aid in their Coca Cola cups and heaped the most praise they could muster without losing every last atom of air in their lungs.

Yes, by the way, Fantasia ended ALL THREE SONGS this week with “yeah yeah yeah.”

And Fantasia’s first song? You knew it was bad when the three judges came close to slamming her on it. They’ve done everything they could do to boost Fantasia, shy of killing a chicken and drinking its blood to appease the gods. So they had to appreciate her showmanship on the song, because there was nothing else to be proud of in a song that there was no fear of forgetting a lyric on. She just screamed and warbled through most of it, and repeated the lines the background singers gave her first. I was reminded of Jamie on SuperStar USA checking her hand for the lyrics she had written on them.

Diana did a professional and worthy job on “Enough Is Enough.” She faltered big time on the last song, but it was obvious throughout the night that the strain was starting to show in her voice. That’s why Tamyra got voted out in Season One, remember. Her voice was starting to crack and she lost. Diana, after 12 weeks, is starting to lose her voice. Kelly did the same after the first season ended. Clay showed the signs of strain at the end of last season. Ruben never had a problem because he never had to hold a high note, did he? Nor did he ever have any fear of having to move more than two feet in any direction on stage, yet I don’t recall Simon ever faulting him for it.

I have to give Diana a pass on the last song, though, because her first performance of “Don’t Cry Out Loud” was another AI highlight for all time, and she did such a great job on the other two songs.

She was not helped in her last song by the sound quality, either. One the first couple of songs for the night, I was amazed by how “right” the sound was. For the first time all season, they managed a live show in which the vocalist could be heard above all and the song mixed well. I was looking forward to hopping on here this morning to praise them for that. Someone happened after that first round, though, and the quality quickly deteriorated. By her last song, Diana sounded hollow and you could hear the echoes in the background. It’s a real shame.

Simon’s comments on Diana’s age made me laugh, too. You know how old Fantasia is? 19. Three years older than Diana. I don’t think Fantasia has climbed too many mountains or swum across too many lakes. She just had unprotected sex first.

I was disappointed in the song choices over all. Last year, Clay Aiken sang his Idol song and two others, including “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which easily ranks on the Top 10 Idol performances of all time. The other song, “Here, There, and Everywhere” was a bit of a disappointment, but it didn’t help that the producers asked him to add in a verse at the last moment. Still, he had to learn three new songs for the final show.

This year, the contestants each sang the same Idol song, and repeated 1 (Fantasia) or 2 (Diana) songs that they’ve already sung before. Why are the producers going so easy on them this year?

Fantasia is probably going to win. They’ve done everything in their power to see to it that it happens. In some small way, I hope she does, if only to appease the people waiting to overturn cars and light the cities on fire if she were to lose. After the crap we went through the week Jennifer Hudson lost, I’m sure it could happen.

But you know what? After the horrible treatment Diana received this week, I want the sympathy votes to kick in BIG TIME. I want to see other people like me jamming the phone lines. I want to see the reaction against Simon Cowell coming back to bite him in the arse. I want the producers to be “stuck” with Diana.

I got ten votes in for Diana last night, myself. I almost tried calling Fantasia’s numbers, just out of journalistic curiosity to see if her lines were jammed. I didn’t, because I couldn’t bring myself to reward the AI producers for last night’s sham with even a single vote.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter. The person who was clearly head and shoulders above the rest in this competition, LaToya London, was voted out a couple of weeks ago. Everything since then has been anti-climactic. Fantasia’s going to get a recording contract, no matter what. Diana is a little iffier, but give her a year to polish up her voice and work on the trouble spots and she’ll be just fine. The thing is, I think Diana can be saved. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy Fantasia’s warbling, riffing, and running up every note she can find. Call it a stylistic difference, much in the same way that I didn’t get Ruben last year.

The results show tonight should be fun, if only because we’ll probably get to hear LaToya sing again. And maybe Clay. Perhaps Kelly. Ah, the good ol’ times…


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  1. Robbo
    26. May 2004 at 09:12

    I dialed in as many votes as I could to 1-800-whogivesarip

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    26. May 2004 at 09:15

    No, that’s an 866 number. The 800 number is a scam company. Careful now…

  3. Shawn
    26. May 2004 at 09:16

    I second that emotion. If I hear yeah yeah yeah one more time I may drink the coolaid to save me from the mysery! It was so disturbing to hear the judges just blow off Diana after each song “It was good”. Randy and Paula almost sounded disappointed when they said..”You came here to win.” Listen, Fantasia probably should win and has been getting corrinated since my favorite, LaToya was abruptly sent packing. But give me a break! The way that whole show was set up seemed like then needed to make sure she did win. I think the first song by Diana was perhaps one of the better songs of the competition. Lastly, did anyone notice where John Stevens was camped out last night. Enquiring minds want to know if there’s anything going on between the crooner and the diva!

  4. Noel Murray
    26. May 2004 at 09:50

    Well, different strokes, etc., but I will say Augie that I don’t think it’s fair to say that the crying finalists “drank the Kool-Aid” when all the judges, and most of the media writing about the show, and me, sitting at home with goosebumps running down my arms when Fantasia sang that lost song … all of us have praised Fantasia all season long. Maybe it’s not a question of brainwashing, but that’s she’s actually really good? (Just maybe not really good in a style that’s up your alley.)

    As I’ve written here before, the reason I’ve been pulling for Fantasia since Day One is that she’s a unique performer, not just grist for the Idol Mill. Diana seems like a nice young woman, but her voice is indisinct and untrained … put her in a recording studio, with all the filters and Pro Tools trickery, and she’ll come out sounding like every other pop star wannabe. There’s just nothing special about her … and not only that, for all your complaining about Fantasia’s raspy shouting (which is very much in the tradition of Etta James and Aretha Franklin and Billie Holliday and all the other great female soul singers of an earlier era), the fact is that Diana is a bellower. She swallows the quiet part of songs, and then buries the emotion of the loud parts by going even louder. Her big move is the loud, sustained note, which is indicative of great breath control, not great vocal talent.

    I agree that Fantasia overdoes the “yeah yeah yeahs,” but her gift is in her ability to improvise around the main melody, and to feel her way through the emotion of a song, working with her background musicians and vocalists. The reason her version of the Tamyra song was electrifying was that she understood the song’s dynamics, pausing in the middle and again towards the end for a dramatic hush before building back up. You may decry that as mere “showmanship” but it actually shows command … of an audience, and of her material. Maybe Diana could do something similar someday, but for now her approach is to save herself for the big bellowing finale, after which she can’t wind back down.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like Fantasia, Augie, but you really shouldn’t assume any ulterior motive in the praise of the judges (and the audience, and music and TV writers across the country). The real situation is that she’s a major talent who deserves to win, even if her style of music isn’t your favorite,

    (BTW, sorry if this comes off rambling … the way this window is configured, it’s hard to go back and read what I already wrote, so I may be repeating myself.)

  5. Chris Hunter
    26. May 2004 at 09:58

    I’m disappointed as well. My final two would have been Jennifer Hudosn and LaToya London. It all does seem a bit anti-climatic now. Oh well.

  6. John C.
    26. May 2004 at 10:18

    Random comments.

    Why shouldn’t Simon make it clear who he thinks should win? It’s right there in the title – he’sa judge, not a reporter. Not only doesn’t he need to be impartial he shouldn’t be. He SHOULD be telling us, in no uncertain terms, who is better – that’s why he’s there.

    I thought Diana’s performance of the Idol song was horrible. Thinly sung, very stridently shouted, and, on one big note, ridiculously off-pitch. Diana’s biggest problem, to me, is that she sings every single song the exact same way. Simon’s comment about lakes swam was about that – she doesn’t convince the audience that she’s experienced any of this, because she’s not singing a lyric, she’s just singing notes.

    “She just has unprotected sex first.”

    And how do you know that? Sure Diana is as pure as the driven snow, are we? I’ll call a spade a spade, Augie, and say that I winced at that comment. You don’t like the woman’s voice, fine. But to be that snide about the fact that she’s a mother at 19 is just . . . bizarre.

  7. gorga-grl
    26. May 2004 at 11:45

    OK, fame can get nasty. I’ll start by saying that I was backing Latoya from the start. I also know Diana on an acquaintance level as we are both from Snellville, my daughter is represented by the same agent as Diana and has competed in the GA America system- with & not against Diana as my daughter is a couple of years younger. Diana is exactly as you see her- she is always “on”, she is unbelievably up-beat, slightly hyper, well thought of and loved at her school, and a pleaser and over-achiever all the way. She is also very innocent for her age in many ways but has accomplished amazing things. She is well traveled, has appeared in print, tv, and movies BEFORE Idol, and has sung at a myriad of venues. She has also had quite a bit of vocal training- her voice is not untrained. But remember, she is 16, an honors student, and has had to deal with school throughout all of this. I like her, I think she is extremely talented, I know she is destined for greatness, I never cast a vote for her until last night when everyone associated with Idol treated her like sh*t. Fantasia is wonderfully talented and has a presence about her that I truly like. She seems very self-possessed. She better get used to comments like ‘had unprotected sex first’; because she did and she is a 19 year old child raising a child. Kudoos to her for having and raising the child. But don’t punish Diana for not having a baby, making good grades, acting her age, being polite, and working hard to reach her goals. Neither Diana nor Fantasia need to win this to succeed. They are both going to make it. I don’t think Fantasia should be punished for the remarkable lack of respect shown by the Idol staff towards Diana. I also don’t think they- Idol judges,producers,etc.-should get away with it. Diana deserves better. If it were within my control I would have had not one vote cast for either lady as my way of saying that we know they are both fabulous in their own and just don’t need it. These competitors make American Idol, not the other way around!

  8. Shawn
    26. May 2004 at 12:11

    Listen, I don’t have a problem with Fantasia winning and she deserves it. (LaToya was the best Idol this year!) Fantasia did have a great presence on stage. I do have a problem with what I saw out of the judges. PAULA ABDUL HAD POM POM’S on for mostly every contestant. Although I could be wrong, it seemed very deliberate in holding back their praise for Diana last night. I understand they are judges but they changed last night. They were not consistent with previous nights. Especially Paula and Randy.

  9. EzekielRawlins
    26. May 2004 at 12:24

    Augie, this is why I read your blog. You nailed it. Coin toss, votes, Simon’s opinion-what does it matter? The whole season has been leaning towards Screamtasia. This has been the worst season for me.

  10. Brian Huberd
    26. May 2004 at 12:29

    So, if I understand you Augie, you’re apparently a fan of Diana. :)

    Sorry to disagree, but I’ve been a supporter of the Three Divas since the start (La Toya, Jennifer and Fantasia). Diana strikes me as too emotionally young, somewhat insincere and a bit too Beauty Pageant-y for my liking. In fact, having Diana win AI may be the worst thing to ever happen to her since it would insure a certain level of continued insulation from the real world.

    Diana’s strength does seem to be in singing the sorts of songs that you can sing with a hollow smile on your face that have no real meaning behind them. Thus the great showing on disco week for her. No knock on Diana, and she’s probably be great at singing theme songs for forgettable live-action Disney-type movies.

    Fantasia, even though she’s only three years older does seem to have a little more life experience under her belt and that emotional maturity Diana lacks. Partially I’d say from having to grow up a little faster because of Zion, but also, really, there’s a world of difference between ANYONE 16 years old and 19 years old. Throw in the insulated world of Diana, growing up in the vacuum of endless pageants, etc. vs. Fantasia having to adjust to being a single mother and the hardships involved at having to do this at a young age, and it can be easy to see why Fantasia isn’t as bouncy and giggly as Diana appears to be. But Fantasia doesn’t let it get her down and she does have a very strong positive spirit about her.

    Just my opinion, Augie…and it’s all just a tv show. All of the divas and Diana are going to have CDs available for their fans to listen to before too long and everyone will be happy. Then we can all put the sales numbers under a microscope for dissection, observation and critique. ;)

  11. Kim
    26. May 2004 at 12:30

    That is the problem with the world today. They are so focused on other things then what is the truth. Fantasia is a better singer over diane. Diane voice is not mature enough to actually even compete with Fantasia. Fantasia’s heart is in this competiton, and you can tell that. Whenever she sings she feels the song which makes her sound better. Diane gets up there on stage and dont get me wrong, she carries a note(MOST OF THE TIME) but she doesnt put her all into it. Come on now lets be realistic even if she doesnt wins who cares clive davis has already said that he has his label ready for her first album….. but just admit she is a better singer… and that is the truth

  12. Michelle
    26. May 2004 at 12:54

    Is Fantasia talented? Yes. Is Diana talented? Yes. Would I rush out to buy either of their cds? No. They are not my style. Were the best singers in the competition competing in the finals? That is a matter of everyone’s personal opinion. What is very clear is that the judges, producers, etc. are very obviously trying to sway the votes. They do it every year. They like the controversy because it lends itself to higher ratings. Higher ratings equal more advertisers, which means more money. And that’s what this is all about isn’t it? They promote the person whom they feel will be the biggest cash cow. Wasn’t that clear last season? They knew how to market Ruben. They didn’t have a clue what to do with Clay. It back fired on them there! The problems arose this season when some of the biggest talents were voted off. Now they are trying to make the most money off of the contestants that are left. It is really unfortunate for Diana and Fantasia. The girls have worked hard, and I’m sure they know they are in the finals because more talented singers were voted out earlier. That is not their fault. I’m sure it is a heavy burden to bare. Don’t chastise the girls. Harsh words should be towards the producers who are looking out for their wallets, haven’t bothered to fine tune the voting system, and seem to not really be paying attention to the people who will eventually be buying the cds.

  13. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    26. May 2004 at 14:23

    I knew the “unprotected sex” line would get the notice. And, yes, it’s certainly possible that Diana has been at it for far longer and far less safely. (I doubt it, but it’s possible.) But someone else already made the point in this thread for me: Being 19 and raising a child on your own will mature you very quickly. So the demonstrable difference in maturity between Diana and Fantasia is Zion, who most likely was conceived through unprotected sex and not artificial insemination.

    I didn’t want to bog down the sentence with offsetting clauses to whittle the statement down to nothing. I used an old writer’s trick to explain the usual in a slightly more creative way. Perhaps more shocking? Sure. But it’s a far bit better than what I could have gone with if I really wanted to be rude about it.

    And, yes, good for Fantasia for not aborting the baby. I’m all for that. I’m also wondering where the father is. I’m sure after she wins tonight, he’ll make contact. Look at what happened with the sudden reppearance of Clay’s father last year.

    Welcome to American Idol 3, with all its discussions of race, teenage pregnancy, drunken driving, ageism, and more.

    Gorga-Grl –> Thanks for stopping by, and I especially appreciate your comments and thank you for posting in the middle of all this insanity.

    You make an excellent point with the schooling. Diana had to spend three hours a day with her tutor throughout this series. It had to be a great disadvantage to her, and probably explains why she went with resinging two songs from earlier in the competition, rather than two new ones. Last year’s contestants were much older. After Carmen went out, everyone who was left (Ruben, Clay, K-Lo, and Josh) were in their 20s and could devote their full schedule to the show.

    This comments window is bugging the hell out of me today. I really need to figure out how to make it wider. I’m getting claustrophobic in here…

  14. Eric
    26. May 2004 at 14:32

    Noel’s got it dead-on. I would add that I’ve been a fan of both young women since the groups of eight and was personally disappointed in both last night–Fantasia’s horrible first song choice, Diana shouting practically every song and being argumentative with Simon.

    But based on the performances from last night, I’d have to give the win to Fantasia, no contest. I’m still unclear as to how anyone could argue that Diana did a superior job with the “original” (and I use the term loosely) Idol song. Fantasia took a pretty banal little ditty and actually hooked me. Did she overdo the “yeah yeah”s? Yep. Did she fail to enunciate every word? Yep, again. But she always does. It’s part of what makes her Fantasia, just like Diana tends to stumble all over the verse and rely too much on the big power notes. They both have flaws. It’s part of what makes them interesting.

    Ultimately, ironically, I hope Diana wins. Fantasia will have a dozen record contracts tomorrow morning. Diana would definitely get one eventually, but I think she could benefit most from what being the Idol brings with it.

    As for the judges throwing the competition. Mmm, no. Have to disagree there. They gave their opinions, which is the job. Diana didn’t sing as good last night. And they all–Simon included–called Fantasia on that stinker of a first number. Are the producers leaning toward Fantasia? God knows, could be. But bottom line, if Diana had wowwed me last night like she had previously, I would have been just as likely to vote for her. She didn’t, so I didn’t (I didn’t vote for either, actually).

    As for this season being “boring”–I can’t tell you who’s going to win. Not boring to me. Some of my favorites were voted out early, which pissed me off, but it made for interesting television. And for that I’ll tune in next season, and beyond.

  15. leeroy
    26. May 2004 at 15:20

    obviously u just dont get it. If u think for one second that diana is going to get better when she gets a recording contract you are dead wrong. Although i am not a fan of hers i will give honor to whom honor is due, she can definately wail with those pipes that she has, i mean it is no question she can “carry a tune” but now what this competion is looking for, is an american idol. Why do you think diana and fantasia can sing the same song and you feel different hearing it come from each of them. i will tell you why because one talent is greater than the other, why should someone who still has to develop her craft be chosen over someone who already has hers developed and you argue with me that diana sang the song “i believe” better than fantasia then i wonder what you base your critiques on. i think fantasia should win to night why just because she is better and she deserves to. Diana has developed and she should continue to develop in 2 years she will be outstanding but now is not her time.

  16. John C.
    26. May 2004 at 15:40

    Gorga girls: “She better get used to comments like ‘had unprotected sex first’; because she did and she is a 19 year old child raising a child. Kudoos to her for having and raising the child. But don’t punish Diana for not having a baby, making good grades, acting her age, being polite, and working hard to reach her goals.”

    Sicne I’m the one who called Augie out on the sex comment I’ll respond. I can only speak for myself – and I’m not “punishing” Diana for anything but being, to put it, a bad singer. To me that’s all that matters here, andthe gulf in ability and talent between the two womn is, to me, just vast.

  17. Chad Anderson
    26. May 2004 at 16:00

    As far as judges trying to sway the competition goes, I think there’s no doubt they attempt it. Entertainment Weekly had an article on American Idol last year in which Simon pretty much copped to doing it for the final three, since he was worried Kimberly Locke would beat Clay or Reuben, thus derailing the anticipated showdown, after a really strong performance that week (I also thought she creamed the guys that week).

    On the other hand, as someone mentioned, the judges are there to give their opinions, and it’s probably tough to do that without appearing to try and sway things one way or the other. Isn’t it possible that they just thought Fantasia was better last night? And ultimately, will any of it matter? Diana will still get a record deal out of this, so if she’ can deliver the goods, she’ll be the next Clay Aiken (and not, God help her, Justin Guarini).

    Also, Augie, unless I missed some revelation in her canned bios (it certainly would’ve made them more interesting!), isn’t it also possible that Fantasia had protected sex but the protection failed?

  18. bluuzman
    26. May 2004 at 17:06

    It’s amazing that the A.I. season that produced the most really good singers (LaToya, Jennifer, Fantasia, Diana) ended up with the most disappointing final-two show. Diana wasn’t all that much worse than Fantasia last night. Unfortunately, she went downhill as the hour went on, while Fantasia went uphill (even granting that her “Summertime” rendition last night was not as good as her previous one). So, Fantasia wins. Now, bring on Season 4–and this time, let’s get the voting right!

  19. Broc Heasley
    26. May 2004 at 18:30

    Yes, good on Fantasia for not aborting the baby. But I can’t say she made the right choice (and I know this won’t be a popular opinion) by raising the child. Every kid deserves a chance at a two-parent upbringing and there are plenty of families willing to do that.

  20. Chris Hunter
    26. May 2004 at 18:47

    “Yes, good on Fantasia for not aborting the baby. But I can’t say she made the right choice (and I know this won’t be a popular opinion) by raising the child. Every kid deserves a chance at a two-parent upbringing and there are plenty of families willing to do that.”

    Thank you, Broc!!!

  21. layne
    26. May 2004 at 19:46

    “Every kid deserves a chance at a two-parent upbringing…”? And how are things in Mayberry these days? Wait, that show was about a single parent…dang. And let’s not forget, people: If it wasn’t for unprotected sex, none of us would be here…well, except for the testtube crowd…

  22. Chad Anderson
    26. May 2004 at 20:38

    “Yes, good on Fantasia for not aborting the baby. But I can’t say she made the right choice (and I know this won’t be a popular opinion) by raising the child. Every kid deserves a chance at a two-parent upbringing and there are plenty of families willing to do that.”

    Say what? A single parent willing to raise her kid, whom she loves, should give him/her up for adoption because “every child deserves a chance at a two-parent household”? What if Fantasia gets happily married in a couple of years and her child lives in a two-parent household for the majority of its life?

  23. Kim
    26. May 2004 at 22:18


  24. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    26. May 2004 at 22:31

    I was trying to stay out of the political quagmire this was becoming, but you know: It’s a proven fact in studies that children raised in families with a father and a mother are less likely to commit crimes, have children as teenagers themselves, etc. No, it doesn’t work out 100% of the time — nothing does — but the odds are certainly better in the child’s favor.

    There’s a certain selflessness associated to those who give their babies a better chance, recognizing that they can’t do it by themselves. Generally speaking. I don’t know Fantasia’s full story, so I can’t judge her. For all we know, the father of her child ran out afterwards. Who knows? Like I said before, I’m sure it’ll all come out sooner rather than later now. I’m sure The Smoking Gun is poring through court records and birth certificates as we speak…

  25. Chad Anderson
    26. May 2004 at 23:26

    “It’s a proven fact in studies that children raised in families with a father and a mother are less likely to commit crimes, have children as teenagers themselves, etc. No, it doesn’t work out 100% of the time – nothing does – but the odds are certainly better in the child’s favor.”

    I can’t comment on whether it’s a “proven fact,” not being as familiar with the studies you cite, but I’d generally agree that a loving, two-parent household is the ideal. That said, having one good parent who loves you is still a heck of a lot more than plenty of kids in this world ever get. And thanks, Augie, for making the point that we don’t know the specifics of Fantasia’s situation (though, as you point out, we’ll probably learn ‘em soon enough!), so it’s kind of ridiculous to say that it would have been best if she’d put her baby up for adoption.

  26. tessa
    27. May 2004 at 05:23

    Why take away from Fantasia who deserved to win the title of American Idol? The fact that she has a child is no bearing on her talent. Many children are raised in a 1 parent home and do fine. I raised 4 children who grew up to be wonderful and educated so don’t think it can’t be done. I’m sure with a few voice lessons and maturity will land Diana a recording contract as well. She is still young and is still exploring her youth. Be happy for Fantasia and stop beating her up over being a single parent.

  27. John C.
    27. May 2004 at 09:49

    Chad, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Augie is no more familiar with the actual facts of the nameless “studies” he cites than you or I. His comment also willfully ignores the thousands of kids waiting for adoption, who have no parents, let alone the apparant horror of having just one. Also – whoever suggested she should have given the child up – when she very clearly did want her – obviously has no grasp on what it means to be a parent. For a mother who loves her child and needs to be with her to blithely give her away on the iffy proposition that, statistically speaking, the child may have somewhat better odds at a better life would be a move of Spock-like logic over all else, and to suggest it as what should happen is just bizarre.

  28. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. May 2004 at 10:37

    It’s tough to find parents to adopt children. Newborns, however, have lines waiting for them. People go to Asia for them. (I know. I have a cousin who did.)

  29. Broc Heasley
    27. May 2004 at 11:39

    I am a parent, I do know how hard it would be to give up her child. Being a parent means one thing: selflessness. The particulars of Fantasia’s case don’t concern me. What I’m operating from is what I believe to be a principle. You may not agree with me, but as Augie has pointed out, there is plenty to substantiate it being a true principle.

  30. N. Sippial
    27. May 2004 at 11:48

    augie, it’s clear to me that you’re just a little bit upset about America’s choice. Fantasia is the better singer…there’s no comparison. Diana is a nice girl, teenie-boppish, but nice. she reminds me of a cheerleader, always smiling, always shouting her lyrics, trying to be the loudest voice. she’s just not as polished as fantasia. fantasia smiles and cries, showing you a range of emotions. she’s serious when she needs to be, playful when appropriate, sexy when she’s singing sultry lyrics. and the “yeah-yeah-yeahs” you keep going on about. they’re a sign of personal style. every great singer has something in their songs or in their voice, something that helps you identify them immediately when you hear a song on the radio. what about luther vandross and his “well-well-wells”. maybe it’s an genre-thing that you can’t comprehend. maybe that’s why i can’t get over diana’s need to shout out every note. it’s really like ear assault. should be a crime.

  31. Chad Anderson
    27. May 2004 at 12:13

    “I am a parent, I do know how hard it would be to give up her child. Being a parent means one thing: selflessness. The particulars of Fantasia’s case don’t concern me. What I’m operating from is what I believe to be a principle. You may not agree with me, but as Augie has pointed out, there is plenty to substantiate it being a true principle.”

    But here’s the thing, Broc: Without knowing any of the particulars of Fantasia’s situation, how can you possibly say whether or not her child would be better off in an adoptive situation? Again, I’m willing to concede that a two-parent household is the ideal, but the presence of two parents doesn’t automatically mean good parenting.

    And where does the application of your “true principle” stop? If a couple gets married, the wife gets pregnant, and before its birth the father dies, should that mom give up her child? Should pregnant women who leave abusive husbands place their kids in adoptive families once they’re born?

    Sure, it’s possible that Fantasia’s a crappy parent and her kid would’ve been better off without her. But it’s also equally possible that she’s a great parent who gets lots of help from her extended family, and her child will grow up happy and healthy in a loving home. We just don’t know, and to say that she should’ve given up her kid based on nothing more than the fact that she’s a young single parent (even though I’ll grant you that the dice are stacked against her) is, I think, just a tad simplistic.

    But perhaps we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    So, um, does anyone else think that Latoya London sang better last night than she did during her last few weeks of the competition? :-)

  32. Broc Heasley
    27. May 2004 at 12:32

    No question there’s a great many situations out there and that no principle is going to address all of them, but as a general rule it works. I’m not suggesting that any child who has already spent time in his mother’s arms and the bond has formed should give up the child. I think that would be traumatic. But newborns that are born to teenagers? No question in my mind.

    Now, I have a cousin who has a 6 year old that was born to her when she was 18. It seems like she’s doing a pretty good job as a mother and she would clearly disagree with my stance. I still think the best thing she could have done 6 years ago would have been to give her daughter up for adoption. That’s not going to make any sense to a lot of you but I can live with that. We don’t all have to agree.

    And look, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t point out that this isn’t simply a societal issue for me, it’s a religious one too. If my daughter should ever find herself in this situation I would encourage her to pray about it. God has a better ability to see what is best for someone, no matter the situation.

  33. princess
    29. May 2004 at 01:04

    Augie all you do is criticize Fantasia. Fantasia this… Fantasia that… STOP BEING A HATER!!! You don’t know a damn thing about Fantasia to be saying she has not climbed any mountains her life. She is a single mother doing a good job trying to make life easier for her and her daughter. How do you know that Fantasia did unprotected sex? Where you there? NO!!!! You try to mak it seem like Fantasia is a bad person. Yes the song I Believe was made for Fantasia because she sanged it so much better than Diana.