An IDOL lifespan? – News -Ryan, Randy, Kimberley, Ruben Wonder How Long ‘Idol’ Can Last

Host Ryan Seacrest made mention of a fourth season during Wednesday’s finale, and there’s been no talk of the show coming to an end, which begs the question: How long can something this good last? Kimberley Locke, who finished third last season, thinks not long.

The second season had to happen fairly quickly, just to help stave off the competition from coming in, filling the void, and ruining it for everyone. The closest we came to that was FAME. In other words, no contest.

But they are doing the right thing in making this an event show once a year. I also think that K-Lo is right that they have to stop focusing on the bad so dang much. I love the bad auditions as much as the next one — I’m watching SUPERSTAR USA, aren’t I? — but they seem more and more forced every year. We know that the producers are letting some of them through just to make for interesting TV. And those are the ones that are blocking potential superstars from getting through.

They should also consider limiting all the extra episodes, such as the interview specials. I don’t mind FOX repeating the Hawaiian tryouts or Atlanta tryouts shows. It’s interesting to look back at the end of the season at where they call came from. And I never bother to record them to look back on later.

The AMERICAN JUNIORS show failed, and FOX has vowed to not bring it back, so there’s little chance of the series wearing out its welcome just yet. In the article, Randy says the series has about three seasons left. He’s probably right, but they might be able to keep it past that with some changes. (Please note: I didn’t say “twists.”)

But those changes are a post for another day.


2 Responses to “An IDOL lifespan?”

  1. John C.
    2. June 2004 at 11:36

    My recommendation would for a fall “Rock Idol” – same format, but new judges and give the finalist a live band to play with every week – find the next great rock vocalist. Would probably never fly in today’s “pop all the time” world, but I can dream.

  2. Broc Heasley
    2. June 2004 at 18:27

    Y’know, I like that idea. Anything to change it up.