Some things just never get reported


Michael Barone: The ‘Bush Lied’ folks can’t be taken seriously

The Senate Intelligence Committee report also refuted completely the charges by former diplomat Joseph Wilson that the Bush administration ignored his conclusion, based on several days in Niger, that Iraq had not sought to buy uranium in that country. Democrats and many in the press claimed that Wilson refuted the 16-word sentence Bush’s 2003 State of the Union speech, noting that British intelligence reported that Iraq sought to buy uranium in Africa. But British intelligence stands by that finding, and the committee noted that Wilson confirmed that Iraq had approached Niger, whose main exports are uranium and goats, and intelligence analysts concluded that his report added nothing else to their previous knowledge. And the report flatly denied Wilson’s statements that his wife, CIA agent Valerie Plame, had nothing to do with his mission to Niger — it quotes Plame’s memo taking credit for the appointment.

Joseph Wilson, the media darling who cried that President Bush had lied about Iraq approaching Niger for weapons part, has now been outed as a complete liar. Mind you, the fair-minded middle-of-the-road mainstream press is ignoring this, much in contrast to the way they front paged the news for days when he made the charges. So I’ll do my part to help educate the masses.

Also, check out InstaPundit, where this whole topic has been covered in great detail for the past couple of weeks.


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