That took longer than expected…

So George Eads and Jorja Fox are back on CSI. I’m not quite cynical enough to label this a complete publicity stunt, but I do wonder. Nor do I completely believe the stories about “oversleeping” and “misunderstandings.”

Still, it’s all rather predictable in Hollywood, isn’t it? And, in the end, CSI will be a better show with them than without them, so it’s a good thing all around.

Lesson learned: When you’re making $100,000 a week and are contracted to do so for another couple of years, deal with it. Life’s tough, you know?


4 Responses to “That took longer than expected…”

  1. Allyson M. W. Dyar
    24. July 2004 at 13:34

    I was kinda looking forward to not having Jorja Fox on CSI this season.

    Oh, well…

  2. EzekielRawlins
    26. July 2004 at 07:22

    Gotta agree with Allyson, I was so hoping Fox would be in rehab or something. She grates me. About this whole ordeal, 100 G a show, 22 episodes per season, yeah, life sucks…the word, “ungrateful” comes to mind.

  3. Scott DeWolf
    26. July 2004 at 13:28

    and Good Charlott’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” are echoing in my head at the momemt.

  4. astroknight
    27. July 2004 at 16:47

    Misunderstanding. Yeah. “I misunderstood what signing a contract” meant. I’m so glad that CBS stood up to them on this.