Big Brother 5

Is this season filled with some of the most despicable and annoying reality TV show contestants ever cast? Or –

Nah, it’s definitely that. Pretty boys Jase and Scott are two of the most obnoxiously immature people I’ve ever seen on television. They remind me of all the people who made high school hellish for others. They are the very definition of “frat boys” that I often use as a perjorative. For some reason, they’re so intimidating that they have cowed Cowboy and Drew onto their side. Evil Doctor Will was a puppy dog by comparison. This gang is abrasive and abusive.

My only hope for the redemption of this season now is that Drew bumps off Holly after a tie vote on Thursday night, ending the Four Horseman alliance and officially switching sides to Diane’s group. Drew choked on the Veto decision, but it’s not too late to redeem himself. I can’t believe he let them bully him around yet again.

I hate reality shows that come down to boys versus girls, and this one seems to be doing that again. This time, however, it’s obvious that the men really are all the evil and stupid things the women make them out to be.


One Response to “Big Brother 5”

  1. Robbo
    28. July 2004 at 10:39

    I am actually getting angry watching BB5 this year. I do despise those two, but I’m also pissed off at how willingly Drew (who actually does resemble Brad Pitt), Goober and even Marvin are submitting to being their lackeys. Marvin will be rightfully disgusted with himself when he leaves the house and checks out the tapes.