New Releases, 27 July 2004

Courtesy of those friendly folk at, this week’s release list has been culled to a fairly short, but promising list:

Hellboy (2-disc set) (2004)

There is a 3 or 4 disc set coming out for Christmas that promises to have even more stuff on it, so choose carefully.

Pennies from Heaven (3-disc set) (1978) Pennies from Heaven (1981)

One of these is the Steve martin musical remake that bombed very very badly, becoming an object lesson in Hollywood.

Showgirls: V.I.P. Edition (1995)

This is a very good punchline to a very awful flic with a big cult following. Now you can see the movie with video commentary from actual dancers, and get your own shot glass and tassels to go with it.

Sledge Hammer!: Season One (4-disc set)

This is, without a doubt, the release of the week. Let’s all journey back to the mid-1980s and the lowest-rated sit-com in television history (at that point) to be renewed, despite a season-ending cliffhanger that seemed to doom a second season.

V: The Complete Series (3-disc set) (1984)

I throw this in here because I know that someone else will mention it in the comments thread if I don’t. Never got into the series or the movies, but now you can. ;-)

Next week: THE BLACK HOLE is released again (and hopefully this time all the speakers in the surround sound will work the first time out), KNIGHT RIDER, the PICARD set for ST:TNG, and DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE. Maybe the following week will be better… (It is. ALF comes out that week. =)


5 Responses to “New Releases, 27 July 2004”

  1. Franklin Harris
    27. July 2004 at 16:31

    You know, I haven’t even tried by old “Black Hole” disc since I got my 5.1 system, so I’m not sure if I have one of the bad discs or not. Of course, I ordered the new one, anyway, because it’s anamorphic and should have a better print. Plus, it was cheap.

  2. Josh
    27. July 2004 at 17:03

    What’s Sledge Hammer! ? Seriuosly, I’ve never even heard of this one…

  3. EzkekielRawlins
    28. July 2004 at 07:19

    You never heard of Sledge Hammer? Be kind to him, Augie.

    Picked up the Hellboy dvd-thought the $5 rebate inside for “directors cut” dvd of Hellboy (which you have to send off for) was insulting. I’m growing a bit tired of all these special, extended, newly-remastered , and new director cuts versions of dvds I already own, being released.

    Sorry had to get that off my chest.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    28. July 2004 at 15:08


    Sledge Hammer! was a very funny two season sit-com on ABC, starting in 1986. The first season is now available on DVD. I can giddily announce I picked up my copy today.

    Here’s some more info:

  5. Ben Herman
    9. August 2004 at 14:34

    Grrrrrrrr!!! I refuse to purchase HELLBOY on DVD a second time! I will just make do with this one. After all, I have other things I want to waste, um, spend my money on.