The next R.E.M. album

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The first single from R.E.M.’s as-yet-untitled new album will be “Leaving New York,” which is tentatively set for a Sept. 27 commercial release in Britain, where the veteran Athens, Ga. group retains a fervent fan base.

I saw a few t-shirts this weekend with the phrase, “I’m big in Germany” on them. Is that what it’s come to with R.E.M., too? Sad.


5 Responses to “The next R.E.M. album”

  1. Trip Bakun
    28. July 2004 at 23:17

    Did you think that the “I’m Big in Germany” shirts were a David Hasselhoff in-joke?

  2. Jeff
    30. July 2004 at 10:14

    Sigh. I think I realized I was old when the last REM album came out and no one in the US cared but me. Next thing you know, there won’t be an organized midnight release party for U2′s new one, either.

    My favorite tongue in cheek song about this particular phenomenon is Tom Waits’ “Big in Japan” off Mule Variations.

  3. Paul
    31. July 2004 at 04:55

    As a rabid music fan, I don’t generally care about things like sales, but it must be said that REM is still a powerful commercial force in the American mainstream. Sure, “Reveal” sucked, but it still sold more records than any record ever made by anybody you have ever met. (This applies to probably all who will read this.)

  4. Khaled
    1. August 2004 at 05:36

    REM are big everywhere from Europe to Australia to Asia and the Middle East. These guys are legends. When Britney is a friggin long forgotten NIGHTMARE, people will still be singing ‘losing my religion’. The fact that they’ve got a bigger fan base over here just means that the British people are more in tune with the good stuff, even though our charts show what a load of bollocks most of the general buying population listen to, which is PURE garbage.

    See I would say that it’s a loss for America rather than a sad fact for REM since they can’t get the regognition they deserve in their own country, all they have to do is take a 6 hour flight and they’re in a place that absolutely loves them. Welcome to the world of Global Music :).

  5. Andrew Leyland
    2. August 2004 at 12:43

    REM are still quite big here in the UK and I for one am looking forward to the new record. Whilst they seemed to have stumbled since Bill Berry left (although I really like Reveal) they are still probably the only consistent and huge US band of note. I mean, who else in America can claim the longevity and creativity of REM? Are there any big American bands to compete with them? They released 8 albums before they put a foot wrong and are alongside U2 the only group on the planet that can claim the name ‘supergroup’. America’s disinterest in the band reflects America’s pre-occupation with youth and glamour at the expense of creativity and depth.