UGH, more negotiating ploys

Pierce Brosnan is getting into the act:

Pierce Brosnan appears to be turning in his license to kill, according to Entertainment Weekly. “That’s it,” Brosnan told “I’ve said all I’ve got to say on the world of James Bond.”

This is, what, the third time he’s declared this?

On the other hand, it would be cool if they gave him his wish and let him and Quentin Tarantino do a Bond movie.

In the meantime, should we believe this story?!?

British actor Orlando Bloom actor has been signed by Miramax to play young James Bond in his new movie which is based on the college days of this widely popular secret agent.

Makes me yearn for a JAMES BOND JR. DVD collection. ;-)


7 Responses to “UGH, more negotiating ploys”

  1. Matt Clements
    28. July 2004 at 14:52

    I read about the Orlando Bloom story last night but fortunately the guys at Tagliners debunked it rather quickly here.

  2. Bill
    28. July 2004 at 17:03

    I’ve spent many years trying to forget James Bond, Jr., but thanks to you, it all came SCREAMING back. Theme song and all. SHUDDER

  3. Chris Arndt
    28. July 2004 at 20:25

    not that horrid theme song.

    end me.

  4. Shawn
    30. July 2004 at 10:47

    Please no Tarantino bond!

  5. astroknight
    30. July 2004 at 12:08

    Although I hated the idea of a Tarantino Bond, the more I think of it, the more I like it. Tarantino wants to do Casino Royalle, which has never been done decently for a Bond movie, and has always been very reverent to the source material. He’s talented and a huge Bond fanboy, plus he could bring in quite a few people who have neglected the Bond franchise already. I really think that Tarantino could be a good thing for Bond.

  6. New Trommetter Times
    30. July 2004 at 14:38

    No More Bond For Brosnan “We went out on a high,” Brosnan said, “and I look back affectionately at that time and doing those four movies.”

  7. WebmasterMama
    3. August 2004 at 09:01

    I’ll take orlando bloom in anything… or nothing at all for that matter. ;-)