Justice comes to the movie theaters

Cineplex Odious – July 28, 2004

The Florida couple got popped this week at a St. Petersburg theater after Harris, 23, allegedly refused to end a cell phone call as the opening credits for “Catwoman” rolled.

Lesson hopefully learned: Shut your cell phone off at the movie theater and you won’t be pepper sprayed.

Also: Don’t pay to see “Catwoman.” Sheesh


4 Responses to “Justice comes to the movie theaters”

  1. Chris Hunter
    29. July 2004 at 14:47

    Good for the officer.

    But you really have to question the intelligence of these people anyway. I mean, paying to see Catwoman? Not to bright in my book.

  2. Chris Hunter
    29. July 2004 at 14:47

    That was supposed to be “too”.

    Still brighter than them.

  3. Broc Heasley
    29. July 2004 at 16:57

    I hate cell phones. I hate them all. I will not ever own one unless it is demanded by my occupation. Do you use a cell phone? Do you realize you commit social suicide everytime you use it? I was at the Star Wars Spectacular at Comic-Con and the guy directly behind me thought it was appropriate–twice!–to answer his cell phone and speak loudly and clearly to his friend in downtown San Diego searching for a clue. Did he not see my dirty looks? Did he not realize what an utter moron he was making himself out to be? If you have a cell phone (and I know you do) I encourage you to throw it away. Remember when your answering machine would take your messages? Can you even recall the times past when you walked about free of the cancerous leech on your ear? Join me, won’t you? Return the pay phone to its former ubiquity. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that, no, you can’t be reached anytime, anywhere. It’s what’s right. It’s what’s American. Go forth, destroy.

  4. Matthew M
    30. July 2004 at 00:29

    As has been mentioned too many times before — if you were experiencing a “family emergency”, then why were you out at the movies? Furthermore, being such an emergency, why not take your call out in the lobby?

    People are selfish, arrogant, pitiful fools. Anyway who talks on a cell phone during a movie deserves to be disemboweled by wolves, and they are generally worse than Hitler.

    OK, fine, that’s going too far. I apologize. Disemboweled by jackals, then.