An Interview with David Gerrold – David Gerrold Interview – Part 3

And I finally got the very clear message that Gene [Roddenberry]‘s lawyer didn’t like me. And that whatever Gene promised me, the lawyer was going to take away. And the lawyer was afraid that Gene was going to lose control of the show. So what he was doing was significantly undermining everybody [at ST:TNG] that might be a threat to Gene, so that he could stay in control. And he appointed himself chief of staff. And the result was that we had a lawyer running the show. A lawyer who had no knowledge of how to do television. No knowledge of what Star Trek was supposed to be. And he was re-writing scripts. And I said, “Gee, this is going to be the worst possible situation to be on. How can we do a real Star Trek when we’ve got a guy here who’s thinking only in terms of how much money he can make?” He thought he was protecting Gene, but in his efforts to protect Gene, he was hurting Gene. I was the second or third person to leave, but there were 30 other people who followed me out the door in that first season alone.

This is from the third part of a fascinating three part interview with science fiction author, David Gerrold. He talks a lot about writing, television, his career and more. He’s not particularly shy about it, either.

I wonder if the lawyer Gerrold talks about here (at the beginning of ST: TNG) is the same one that Peter David clashed with over the STAR TREK comic books in the early 90s. . .


3 Responses to “An Interview with David Gerrold”

  1. Elayne Riggs
    30. July 2004 at 19:12

    I dunno, Gerrold is a bit older than Peter, he’s been around awhile. Glad to see he’s still active, I think he was one of the first authors to whom I ever wrote a fan letter, and I still have his response.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. July 2004 at 23:06

    Gerrold’s problem with Roddenberry’s lawyer came about at the inception of THE NEXT GENERATION, so that’s not much more than five years off from PAD’s problems with Roddenberry’s office. hmmm….

  3. Chris Galdieri
    1. August 2004 at 10:15

    I also think that’s around the point that the Trek novels really, really started to suck.

    Hey, can we blame Star Trek V on this lawyer, too?