Late Night Talk Show Politics – Late-Night Leaning?

Ask a late-night talk show host whether he’s liberal or conservative and the answer will likely be — what else? — a wisecrack.

Still, anyone who believes Jon Stewart is doing anything but voting for John Kerry in this political cycle is being, to use one of my favorite phrases, willfully ignorant. After all, he’s appeared at Democrat fundraisers before, along with other members of THE DAILY SHOW staff.

The thing that gets me about the humor on that show is that it falls into two categories: Attacking Republicans, and “Woe Is Us” towards Democrats. The latter kind is almost self-deprecating, while the former often eschews the facts for a cheap gag. And there are times where he even forgets to make a joke in favor of a political point. Of course, there is the chance he does that for a cheap applause line from the studio audience. It is, after all, filmed in NYC.


5 Responses to “Late Night Talk Show Politics”

  1. tomthedog
    2. August 2004 at 10:32

    Yes, it’s in NYC, where they’ve had a Republican mayor for how long now? NYC doesn’t equal liberal, though Jon Stewart’s audience almost certainly does.

    And although he clearly leans to the left, Stewart’s been ripping on Kerry a good deal, too, mostly for his boring speeches and his lack of a clear political message. I don’t think, say, Dennis Miller is quite so fair in his comedy these days.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    2. August 2004 at 11:07

    Neither of NYC’s Republican mayors are all that conservative. Heck, Bloomberg only switched parties so he could run in the first place. He’s still better than, say, David Dinkins, though.

    The coverage of the convention that The Daily Show did last week was a lot of fun, because it picked on all of the cliches of the convention and the silliness surrounding it.

    I’m taking bets now that the coverage of the Republican Convention at the end of the month will be filled with political jabs, and not nearly so light-hearted.

    One last thing: Dennis Miller admits to his bias right up front. It’s part of the show. I don’t see any of his show’s defenders (either of the people who have ever watched it, that is) ever claim he’s unbiased or even-handed.

  3. Kevin
    2. August 2004 at 13:53

    I can’t imagine you watch the show regularly – since you find it biased, but I wonder if you watched this past week at the democratic convention. A lot of that made fun of the democrats about as hard as they make fun of the republicans. The republicans get it harder (of course) but they are in power, so they get the chance to screw up more. If Kerry wins, any mistake he makes will be torn up by Stewart.

    I do think the show is liberal – but I really don’t think its as horribly biased as you seem to imply.

  4. david
    3. August 2004 at 18:12

    let’s face it comedy is liberal. Name a good republican comedian? If you answer Dennis Miller… ok that’s one. I can’t think of any other. Most of the major comedians are liberal anyway. And why are you upset that a fake news show is biased? It’s for laughs not information. I’d more offended by Fox News or ABC’s bias than a comedic fake news show.

  5. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    3. August 2004 at 19:09

    I’m more offended by those who don’t think THE DAILY SHOW is biased. And, sadly, there are plenty of people whose only exposure to politics and current events comes from THE DAILY SHOW.

    Usually, the argument that something like that is truly balanced comes from a liberal perspective. It’s the way “middle of the road” is defined in politics as agreeing with the Democrats more often than the Republicans.

    I think Drew Carey falls on the Republican side of things, but he’s not really a political comedian.