2004 VMAs, Part One

I TiVoed the VMAs again this year in hour long increments. The problem with these awards shows on a TiVo is that if you record the whole thing as one program, you can’t delete any of it until you’ve watched it all. So I set my TiVo up to record in hour long increments and chop it off as I go along.

As I did last year, I’ll be blogging my thoughts as I watch this year’s rock and shock. I’m up to about 9:45 or so of the broadcast now.

  1. At least the rappers get dressed up in fancy suits. Even if the untucked and loose style doesn’t do it for me, I give them points for effort. This is in direct opposition to the greasy, dirty looking rockers who think wearing old t-shirts is stylish and retro. In reality, they look uncomfortable, outdated, and too tight.

  2. Will Smith’s introduction of Shaw was pretty funny.

  3. Best Pop Video went to the least interesting group of the lot. Oh, look, another award for No Doubt. ::yawn:: And it’s for a new single on a Greatest Hits album? UGH, now we’re giving out awards for that money grab of fans? Wouldn’t it have been just that much more interesting to make fun of MTV for giving the award to Hillary Duff?

  4. It is obvious that the lead singer from Hoobastank can’t sing. He didn’t hit a single note right in his entire performance. I was embarrassed for him. We might give him the benefit of the doubt and say he couldn’t hear himself in his ear piece and that affected his performance. In that case, he was the lucky one during that performance who didn’t have to listen to those attempts at notes.

  5. The mosh pit crowd must have been a great idea on paper. In reality, it doesn’t work. Too disruptive. Tough to stage things. Made it impossible for a lot of people on stage to know what was going on. On the flip side, it allowed for Matthew Lillard to make an entrance on an inflatable raft. Well, sort of. That raft was carried through the crowd by beefy security types. You just have the impression of a crowd surfer.

  6. Crowd surfing should be banned in any and all forms, anyway.

  7. I know I’m out of touch when Jon Stewart is talking about the People’s Choice award, and I don’t recognize a single act in the little boxes at the bottom of the screen.

  8. That Best Female Video serenade was painful, too long, and uncomfortable. I guess they needed to stretch things out to buy time for whatever came next.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “2004 VMAs, Part One

  1. This year’s VMA’s were so bad. Nothing but thugs and teeny boppers.

    Just wait until you see the Alicia Keys performance. That’s the best part of the show bar none. And no she doesn’t flash or kiss Chaka Khan or something….

  2. I caught the last Alicia Keys performance on one of the umpteen specials MTV had on over the weekend. It started with her playing some classical pieces on the piano before launching into her song. (“Fallin’,” probably.) That made me stop to watch. Everything else made me fast forward.

    Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  3. i thought alecia keys sand s0o good at this years vma’s…the song “if i aint got u”…its the best song ever…n she sings it so good…i also though christina aguilara n nelly did a pretty good job..on thier jazz song thing…but w/e it was awesome….but the vma’s…kinda sucked…nothin happend…so surprises n0o0o nuthin…verry boring..ok bye

  4. no…hoobastank can’t sing. i was at the pepsi smash taping…and he did the same thing. towards the end of their song, everyone was chanting “hoobasuck!”

  5. Christina Aguilera and Nelly’s performance was really good. Christina sang beautifuly and surprisingly, the whole christina/nelly duet worked really well. Also, Alica Key’s song was beautiful. She did a wonderful job.

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