Apple – iMac G5

I’m impressed by the new iMac design Apple is rolling out. That’s an impressive achievement to get all that computer into that little pizza box.

I’m a little concerned about a “16:10 widescreen” display for movies, but I’ll chalk that up to a typo…

The 20 inch display version is $1900. 17 inch iMac is either $1300 or $1500, depending on which processor speed you pick.

5 thoughts on “Apple – iMac G5

  1. It’s a natural progression from the previous iMac design. I’d like to see one up close and personal. It’s a great looking computer.

    Buy an eMac — cheaper and gives you all the features of the software.

  2. What I really like to know is how the fark does $1300 convert to €1400.

  3. Joseph – Why would you want to watch a movie on a computer?

    I do it all of the time. I like to have “background noise” while I do stuff, so I’ll watch a movie while I’m browsing or checking email and such. Do it all of the time. Give it a try!

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