Mount St. Helens

As you may have heard by now, there’s been increased seismic activity at Mount St. Helens recently.

I’m posting this now because I want to start the countdown to the first story which quotes an “expert” as blaming global warming for this in some way.

I know you think I’m crazy for this, but I prefer the term “visionary.” Crazier predictions have come true in the past…

TiVo for the radio at last?

Radio Shark: AM/FM Radio with Time Shift Recording

The RadioSHARK can record any AM or FM radio broadcast in real time. You can also program it to record a scheduled show, or to ‘pause’ live radio so you can return right where you left off moments or even hours before … The RadioSHARK connects to and is powered by USB. The fin-shaped device acts as an antenna and can be positioned for best reception and recording. Any recorded broadcast can be transferred to an iPod or any other AIFF-compatible digital music player to replay on the go.

Plus, I just caught the option on my Mac to turn the system on and off at pre-selected times. Combine the two and you have a nifty tool for the computer.

MacSlash reports that it’s finally shipping. On the other hand, it is from Griffin Tech, the people who took quite a beating on this very blog earlier this week.

I love tech toys.

Mac Key Confusion

I’ve only had the Mac at home for a week, and it’s obvious that I’m getting used to it. This morning at work on my PC, I noticed my first instinct to close down a window is to go to the upper left corner to click on the red light, instead of the upper right corner to hit the “X”. Yes, I know about CMD-Q, but the same problem holds true for minimization.

I’m also trying to hit ALT-C to cut instead of CNTL-C.

The conversion has truly begun.

I will say, this, however: A one button mouse is still a horribly useless thing.

BNL TV – Barenaked folks on Fox TV?

The U.S. Fox network has ordered a pilot episode for a comedy/variety show starring the members of the popular Toronto quintet. The project, tentatively titled The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show, is set to expand upon the comedy sketches that have become a staple of the band’s concerts. The five band members — Steven Page, Kevin Hearn, Tyler Stewart, Jim Creeggan and Ed Robertson — will star in the skits as exaggerated versions of themselves, joined by guest actors.

Everyone wants to find the successful formula for variety television, it seems. And while BNL are a natural for this kind of show, I can’t help but worry that this will be a cheesy embarrassment. Even worse, it could delay their next album. Ack!

I’ll give it a shot, though, which is more than I can say for Nick and Jessica.

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More on Leno and O’Brien

For a full analysis on everything going on in NBC late night these days, go to Mark Evanier’s blog. Evanier’s followed late night television for a long time — and even if he does prefer Leno over Letterman — he knows what he’s talking about. Interesting stuff.

Scroll down to the story headlined “Tonight’s Tonight Show” and read up the page.

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Clearing up the Meat Loaf confusion

The DVD is, indeed, coming out next week.

This week, however, the CD of the same concert was released.’s listing for the item shows that, sadly, the CD is just the songs from the concert off of the BAT OUT OF HELL album. The DVD next week will include all of those and six more songs.

I’ll be hitting up Best Buy today for that CD. Can’t wait to hear “Heaven Can Wait” with a full orchestra.

Play GO seriously

This is seriously cool. It could also lead the way to a whole new software model.

Hikarunix is a Live Linux Distribution dedicated to the game of GO. Basically, you boot from this CD and a Linux OS comes up on your PC. Everything inside it is arranged to help you play the game of GO, no matter how much experience you have with the game or the operating system.

I can see this possibly being used for other such games. Maybe a Chess distribution? And, I’m sure, others can come up with better ideas than just games. It’s portable, it’s potent, and it’s unique (at the moment.)

I’ve always wanted to learn this game, and something this cool running on my PC laptop might just do the trick. The download is free.

New releases, 28 Sept 2004


Sorry, that’s my reaction to this week’s list. Again. You can see it all over here.

The Alamo (widescreen) (2004)

They should release this in Iraq. I hear they’re running low on bombs over there.

Envy (2004)

A movie so bad that neither actor’s image appears on the box cover. Remember when Ben Stiller used to pick and choose movies, and not just make them all?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (widescreen) (2004)

Lotsa good word on this. I should rent it someday.

The Hunting of the President (2004)

Because it’s the new “in” thing: left wing documentaries.

Ramones: Raw

Because I know some of you care… Their music doesn’t do much for me, but to each his own.

Sniper 3 (2004)

Tom Berenger must be spinning in his grave right now. I’m not saying he’s dead or anything… Just his career. He’s in this one, also.

Star Trek: Voyager: Season Four (7-disc set)

This season – 7 of 9’s costume shrinks even tighter. In season 5, blod clots develop from the suit’s pressure. In season six, he fanboys explode.

Eventually, the actress will move on to BOSTON PUBLIC, the latest abandoned project from David E. Kelley.

All the while, her husband will be asking for the kind of kinky activities that get politicians not named Clinton booted from office.

Static Shock: The New Kid:DC Comics Kids Collection Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer: DC Comics Kids Collection

For all you comic book kids out there..

The Meat Loaf DVD I talked about a couple of weeks ago might be coming out this week. Amazon still lists it as October 5th. One Meat Loaf mailing list seems to think it’s today. Stay tuned…

Next week: New two disc special editions of ALADDIN, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, and THE UNTOUCHABLES, plus dozens of others. It’s a long release list.

UPDATE: There is one exciting release that I almost forgot about. And DVDJournal didn’t have it on its list: HOMICIDE: SEASON 5 comes out this week, also. The week on DVD is thus saved.

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American Idol ads most expensive

Just because I haven’t had an IDOL story in a while, and because there’s some other interesting info in the story: – Foxlife – ‘Idol’ Ads Get Top Dollar

Now that “Friends”is gone, the priciest ad on TV is on “American Idol” — $658,333 per 30-second spot. According to Advertising Age magazine, the Fox talent-search show’s Wednesday edition — when the voting results are announced each week — is more expensive than the Tuesday performances.

Conan replacing Leno?


Jay Leno will continue to be at the helm of “The Tonight Show” for another five years, well into 2009, after which time Conan O’Brien will become the host of “The Tonight Show.” Jay will officially make the announcement on his show tonight.

If this turns out to be true, it would be very very cool. This assumes, of course, that NBC doesn’t change its mind in the next five years.

If nothing else, this will prove to be a ratings coup tonight for Leno.

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Homicide Season 6 to DVD has the good news that Season 6 of HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET is coming in January.

Season 5, meanwhile, is due out this week. This is the highlight season of the series for me. This is the Luther Mahoney story arc. Roughly speaking, it’s one long storyline over 22 episodes much in the same way as your average season of BABYLON 5. It’s on my short list of the greatest TV seasons of all time, right next to the second season of 24. Great stuff.

Season 6, if I’m not mistaken, has that great “Kellerman Ponders Suicide” episode. So powerful it was, that NBC agreed to cut a commercial break out of the show to air the scene straight through… It ran something like 20 minutes.

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