Conan replacing Leno?


Jay Leno will continue to be at the helm of “The Tonight Show” for another five years, well into 2009, after which time Conan O’Brien will become the host of “The Tonight Show.” Jay will officially make the announcement on his show tonight.

If this turns out to be true, it would be very very cool. This assumes, of course, that NBC doesn’t change its mind in the next five years.

If nothing else, this will prove to be a ratings coup tonight for Leno.


2 Responses to “Conan replacing Leno?”

  1. Chris Arrant
    28. September 2004 at 21:51

    Although I’m excited for Conan and this opportunity, I think announcing a change of this magnitude 5 years in advance is a little premature. Who knows where the network, Leno or O’Brien will be by then.

    The only reasons I can think of is:

    1. Leno is still pretty hurt about how his fight with Letterman over the Tonight Show desk got so bitter.


    1. They’re trying to put a new shine on O’brien show, and get some Tonight Show viewers to stick around.
  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    28. September 2004 at 23:16

    The best commentary on the situation is from Mark Evanier. Check out his blog entries at for the most comprehensive take on the matter.