Homicide Season 6 to DVD

TVShowsOnDVD.com has the good news that Season 6 of HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET is coming in January.

Season 5, meanwhile, is due out this week. This is the highlight season of the series for me. This is the Luther Mahoney story arc. Roughly speaking, it’s one long storyline over 22 episodes much in the same way as your average season of BABYLON 5. It’s on my short list of the greatest TV seasons of all time, right next to the second season of 24. Great stuff.

Season 6, if I’m not mistaken, has that great “Kellerman Ponders Suicide” episode. So powerful it was, that NBC agreed to cut a commercial break out of the show to air the scene straight through… It ran something like 20 minutes.


One Response to “Homicide Season 6 to DVD”

  1. John C.
    27. September 2004 at 14:06

    Now THERE’S an interesting topic – greatest seasons ever. One of my votes would have to go to Chicago Hope’s FIRST season, with the season long Mandy Patinkin-going-bonkers arc. Good stuff.