Homicide Season 5 Price Comparison

Best Buy: $65 Amazon.com: $70 (and free shipping) Target: $70 Walmart: $85 Circuit City: $100 (no discount at all) Deep Discount DVD: $60 (and free shipping)

So if you trust Deep Discount DVD and you can wait a few extra days, they’d be the way to go. Otherwise, it’s another win for Best Buy.


3 Responses to “Homicide Season 5 Price Comparison”

  1. BronteJD
    29. September 2004 at 10:32

    Ah, but did you check SuperDuperClub.com??? ;)

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. September 2004 at 10:04

    $58. Good point. Do they do free shipping, too? This might just get me to try them.

    Well, this and SANDBAGGERS…

  3. Stephen Gerding
    30. September 2004 at 14:58

    Never heard of SuperDuperClub, but DeepDiscountDVD has never let me down. I’ve had Amazon-quality experiences with them, and they’ll gladly match anyone’s online price.