BNL TV – Barenaked folks on Fox TV?

The U.S. Fox network has ordered a pilot episode for a comedy/variety show starring the members of the popular Toronto quintet. The project, tentatively titled The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show, is set to expand upon the comedy sketches that have become a staple of the band’s concerts. The five band members — Steven Page, Kevin Hearn, Tyler Stewart, Jim Creeggan and Ed Robertson — will star in the skits as exaggerated versions of themselves, joined by guest actors.

Everyone wants to find the successful formula for variety television, it seems. And while BNL are a natural for this kind of show, I can’t help but worry that this will be a cheesy embarrassment. Even worse, it could delay their next album. Ack!

I’ll give it a shot, though, which is more than I can say for Nick and Jessica.


3 Responses to “BNL TV”

  1. Broc Heasley
    29. September 2004 at 17:29

    Augie, have you heard anything about the Xmas album BNL is coming out with this season? I for one cannot wait to hear it.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. September 2004 at 08:41

    Thanks for reminding me, Broc. It comes out next week!

    I’ll be sure to do a separate post before then. A couple of those tracks have been floating around P2P networks for years now, and are really good. I’m hopeful on this one.

  3. Broc Heasley
    30. September 2004 at 11:27

    Cool. Thanks for the info.