Clearing up the Meat Loaf confusion

The DVD is, indeed, coming out next week.

This week, however, the CD of the same concert was released.’s listing for the item shows that, sadly, the CD is just the songs from the concert off of the BAT OUT OF HELL album. The DVD next week will include all of those and six more songs.

I’ll be hitting up Best Buy today for that CD. Can’t wait to hear “Heaven Can Wait” with a full orchestra.


2 Responses to “Clearing up the Meat Loaf confusion”

  1. Stu
    30. September 2004 at 18:25

    Customer’s of the CD may also be interested in: “Article in Psychology Today Read it online. Free Trial!“. Ok, normally I can see the connection, but this one has me stumped!

    Is it something to do with people naming themselves after food or…???

    Oh and “HCW” with orchestra will bring a tear to your eye! It was awesome live, so hopefully the DVD captures it well. Can’t wait!! :)

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    30. September 2004 at 19:29

    That is funny. Some of Amazon’s suggestions can be, er, offbeat. But that one /is/ odd.

    “HCW” is, indeed, the highlight of the CD. It’s the one song where the orchestra really comes through on the disc. I’m not sure if it’s the mix or the nature of the music, but the orchestra doesn’t add as much to the music as I thought they would on the CD. Maybe when I watch the concert next week, I’ll see the difference on DVD, plus with the surround sound…

    A very close second, by the way, is one of the my favorite songs, “For Crying Out Loud.”