More on Leno and O’Brien

For a full analysis on everything going on in NBC late night these days, go to Mark Evanier’s blog. Evanier’s followed late night television for a long time — and even if he does prefer Leno over Letterman — he knows what he’s talking about. Interesting stuff.

Scroll down to the story headlined “Tonight’s Tonight Show” and read up the page.


One Response to “More on Leno and O’Brien”

  1. Jeff Wooten
    30. September 2004 at 16:06

    While I agree that Conan probably doesn’t want to repeat the same repetoire or players he’s using now and want to move beyond it five years from now, I still don’t think he’d be right “watering down” his act for the Tonight Show. I’d rather have seen him move to Fox or ABC in the 11:30 hour and keep his “edge.” I mentioned to a friend the other night that I thought Jerry Seinfeld would be a better replacement host for Leno instead (or maybe even Drew Carey).