TiVo for the radio at last?

Radio Shark: AM/FM Radio with Time Shift Recording

The RadioSHARK can record any AM or FM radio broadcast in real time. You can also program it to record a scheduled show, or to ‘pause’ live radio so you can return right where you left off moments or even hours before … The RadioSHARK connects to and is powered by USB. The fin-shaped device acts as an antenna and can be positioned for best reception and recording. Any recorded broadcast can be transferred to an iPod or any other AIFF-compatible digital music player to replay on the go.

Plus, I just caught the option on my Mac to turn the system on and off at pre-selected times. Combine the two and you have a nifty tool for the computer.

MacSlash reports that it’s finally shipping. On the other hand, it is from Griffin Tech, the people who took quite a beating on this very blog earlier this week.

I love tech toys.


3 Responses to “TiVo for the radio at last?”

  1. Jonah Weiland
    30. September 2004 at 16:29

    There are other Radio/TiVo style products out there. I wouldn’t buy anything from Griffin again. After an iTrip debacle, I learned their customer service was about as bad as it comes. Never got a refund on a returned product and they simply stopped responding to e-mails. Screw them.

  2. jason
    2. October 2004 at 11:19

    I was really looking forward to this when it was first announced…then it went vaporware for a year or two.

    Now I’m waiting to see how the software turned out before picking anything up.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    2. October 2004 at 12:30

    I’m with you, Jason. If the reviews are even half good on this, I’m there. The biggest use I see for it – albeit a small one — is to record my local morning drive time show. They often have live performances on the show that I’d like to hear that don’t start until after I get to work. For those times, I can just set up the RadioShark and not worry about missing it.

    Or if something big happens in the news one day and I want to hear the analysis of it from a certain radio talk show host while I’m at work, I can also set this thing up. Lots of potential.

    But like Jonah says – they have ahuge hurdle to overcome from their reputation.