ABC gets annoying

I had a TiVo message today warning me that ABC has decided to hop the NBC bandwagon of annoyingness. They’re staring some shows with “non-standard times.” Those include LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. If you’re recording ABC’s more popular shows, be on the lookout for that. It might screw up your plans…


5 Responses to “ABC gets annoying”

  1. R. K. Bentley
    27. October 2004 at 19:34

    Huh. My cable guide says lost is still on. It would really stink if it does, so what if the world series is on…

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. October 2004 at 21:47

    It’s still on, but it’s running an extra minute longer on Wednesday nights. We’ll see what’s going on Saturday nights, if it’s still repeating then.

  3. bartleby
    27. October 2004 at 22:57

    Yeah, it’s particularly annoying on Wednesday nights. Now that the WB moved JACK & BOBBY, there are three shows that come on at 9:00 that I sort of want to watch (KEVIN HILL and THE WEST WING are the other two). Now I don’t have TiVo, but my digital cable box has a built in DVR that can record two shows at a time. But with LOST running until 9:01, that counts as one of the shows. And I can’t tell the cable box to automatically start one of the recordings a minute late (unless I set up a manual recording every week).

    But really when it comes down to it, I’m more interested in watchign that last minute of LOST than I am seeing the entirity of the other three shows.

  4. Scott Beeler
    27. October 2004 at 23:28

    I noticed that with “Lost” last week as well as this. Really annoying, as I ended up having to channel-flip back and forth to try not to miss anything on it or “The West Wing”. I thought it was just a slight difference in the stations’ clock timing; I didn’t know it was done deliberately. That’s a good way to really piss off viewers, in my opinion.

  5. bartleby
    28. October 2004 at 08:50

    It’s definitely deliberate. There’s a very good reason they do this. And like most very good reasons, it’s based in money. In this case, advertising dollars.

    DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST are hit shows. Nielsen ratings are well above BOSTON PUBLIC and THE BACHELOR respectively. And advertising dollars are based on ratings. When they extend the runtime of the shows by an extra minute, they’re not adding in another minute of actual show. What they’re doing is taking a minute of commercial time away from BOSTON PUBLIC and BACHELOR and moving it into a more expensive bracket.

    There’s also a bonus effect. Since the shows run until 9:01, people are more less likely to switch to another station afterwards since they’ve already missed a minute of that other show.