On winning the World Series

One man’s minute-by-minute recap of the Red Sox victory:

ESPN.com: Page 2 – The Nation’s destination: Destiny

Our announcers for tonight: Joe Buck (son of the famous Cards announcer) and Tim McCarver (longtime Cardinals catcher). Why not just go the whole way and have Ozzie Smith, Whitey Herzog and Dizzy Dean as sideline reporters? And where’s Al Leiter? Did McCarver have him liquidated?

And it just gets funnier. Wait, I have to quote one other thing:

7:04 — One-out double for Renteria, one of those Latin guys who’s listed at 29 but probably went to high school with Roberto Clemente.

One last update from Various And Sundry HQ: No monkeys have flown out my butt yet. And no pigs-with-wings sightings. Impressive.

(Thanks to Shawn for pointing this out to me. Sadly, he’s so antediluvian he doesn’t have a web site I can link his name to.)


4 Responses to “On winning the World Series”

  1. Patricia
    28. October 2004 at 12:27

    Why did you pander and link to the definition of antediluvian? Hmph. ;)

  2. Everything Is In/Flux
    28. October 2004 at 13:36

    Red Sox win I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love reading The Sports Guy’s writings. He’s an excellent writer and he’s really funny. He gets sports, he knows a lot about popular culture and he routinely ties them together with remarkable ease.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    10. November 2004 at 15:18

    It’s all part of my Word Of The Day crusade.

    And because you know how Red Sox fans are…

  4. Everything Is In/Flux » Blog Archive » Red Sox win
    17. January 2006 at 09:10

    [...] Augie likes his running diary of last night’s game. One of my favourite entries: 6:49 — Well, we had the lunar eclipse. I think this is a good sign. More importantly, Bonnie Tyler gets to fill out a 1090-form this year — Fox just replayed the moon with “Total Eclipse of the Heart? playing in the background. Plus, the Red Sox are trying to complete a World Series sweep. This is officially the weirdest night of all-time. I keep expecting Dooze to hop next to me on the sofa and ask, “Hey, who’s winning?? [...]