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There are few discs I was as excited for this year as the box set of the first complete season of the WB’s turn-of-the-century television program, Popular. Ostensibly a high school show, Popular was one of those entertainment moments where a creative force comes out of left field to redefine the genre. Not in any safe marketing way, either. Popular took the old-style high school drama and wrapped it around a modern body, breaking down convention, spitting in its face in order to shine it up and make it something new.

I need to hit the lottery soon. This show sounds like so much fun… But I need the time to watch all this stuff. GILMORE GIRLS comes first. Then I have ANGEL. Two seasons of HOMICIDE. 110 hours of TiVo to fill up…

Pop Culture Overload stinks.


One Response to “Popular”

  1. Patricia
    28. October 2004 at 12:30

    POPULAR was one of those shows I always wanted to watch, but didn’t. Hmmm….

    And considering that you keep linking to places where we can BUY box sets for substantially less fundage, we hold you responsible.

    GILMORE GIRLS, ROSWELL, 24 (1st season)….slightly over half of ALIAS season 3….list is Endless. And I heard that Season 2 of GILMORE GIRLS is about to come out….there’s just no end.