Fix it at home

Wired News: You Broke It, You Fix It

If something goes wrong, Apple dispatches a spare part, and the owner performs the do-it-yourself repair, from swapping out a faulty hard drive to installing a new flat screen. The new iMac is perhaps the most user-serviceable machine on the market. But Apple is not alone in outsourcing repairs to customers.

It’s a new method for repairs. The computer manufacturers are making it easy enough for you to open up your machine and replace parts on your own. This is a great idea on many levels. The more familiar and comfortable users are with their machines, the less problems they may have to bother me with. ;-)


One Response to “Fix it at home”

  1. Chaz Ervin
    29. October 2004 at 15:20

    Amen. Now if only they could do it with cars.