Stupid Stupid Stupid

The DVD boxed set for the first season of 24 contains an introduction to the season from Kiefer Sutherland. This introduction is on the last disc, just after the final four episodes.

Stupid stupid stupid


5 Responses to “Stupid Stupid Stupid”

  1. Jason
    31. October 2004 at 14:14

    Could be worse – it could be like the “intro” to season 2 of Alias that gives away almost every plot spoiler BEFORE you have watched the first episode.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    31. October 2004 at 17:19

    UGH, that sucks. This is also why I don’t watch the “Coming next week” bits after so many shows…

  3. Scott Beeler
    31. October 2004 at 19:00

    Yeah, much better to have easily-missed helpful information than unsuspected spoilers. I too have taken to almost always avoiding “coming next week” clips.

    What’s in the “introduction”, if it’s for Season 1? (They wouldn’t need a recap of previous seasons’ events.) Is it just sort of a general “this is what this show will be like” thing?

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    31. October 2004 at 19:34

    Yeah, it’s just Sutherland saying, “My character’s day goes from bad to worse. And it’s in real time.” Adds nothing, really, unless your a drooling fangirl for Keifer Sutherland. (He does have a great radio voice, though.)

  5. Scott Beeler
    31. October 2004 at 23:15

    Great voice, indeed. Keifer’s very good as the Voice On The Phone in “Phone Booth”.