Survivor: Best Episode of the Season

(If you’re really testy about this, consider this a spoiler warning. No names will be mentioned, though.)

I grant you — calling this week’s episode the best of the season isn’t saying much. It’s been a pretty boring seaspon thus far. Still, this week’s SURVIVOR is the one that finally gives me hope that the people playing the game have half a brain between them. The looks on the faces of the defeated at the end of the show were priceless.

I can’t wait to see the claws come out NEXT week!


5 Responses to “Survivor: Best Episode of the Season”

  1. Kirblar
    27. November 2004 at 13:04

    Early indications from next season’s cast are that they misfired on a africa/thailand level unfortunately. How hard is it to cast massive fans of the show instead of models? And a guy with one leg and zero personality. If he had both legs, he would have never made it on.

  2. Allyson M. W. Dyar
    27. November 2004 at 14:56

    This is one Survivor where I honestly don’t care who wins. I don’t like any of them.

  3. EzekielRawlins
    27. November 2004 at 19:38

    Ally, you nailed it, does anyone give a crap about this season’s cast?

  4. JoeBlank
    27. November 2004 at 20:29

    My wife and I said the same thing, Augie. Someone finally stepped up and started playing the game, instead of just going thru the motions. Not that we really care who wins, but it was nice to see something unexpected happen.

  5. Trip Bakun
    2. December 2004 at 14:06

    I actually cancelled my season pass for Survivor last night. I got to the point where I’d prefer to spend my time watching a TV program that I actually care about. I’ll give it a go at the beginning of next season, but find myself losing interest in Survivor – maybe this show does have a shelf-life.