24 Season 4: A New Day is About to Begin

If you want to see the teaser for the new season, clicketh thou here.

I’m going to TRY to avoid it. But I’ll fail in a day or two when curiosity gets the best of me.


5 Responses to “24 Season 4: A New Day is About to Begin”

  1. Chris Brown
    29. November 2004 at 14:49

    Watching the clip made me realize just how much I miss this series. It’ll be weird not seeing most of the supporting cast, but man just watching that clip makes me think of well-made big budget movie, only we get 24 installments of it.

  2. Broc Heasley
    29. November 2004 at 19:31

    Augie, the teaser is surprisingly not spoilerific. You get almost no details as to what the plot or set-up is. Surprisingly restrained for a Fox promo. If you see it and disagree, then I’m wrong.

  3. Trip Bakun
    2. December 2004 at 14:03

    Damn, I was going to try and wait for the DVD, but it looks like I’ll at least check out the first couple of episodes. Sometimes, change and a fresh start is good for a TV series.

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