Movie Trailers of the Week

The Merchant of Venice leads the pack, if only to hear Al Pacino cry, “The pound of flesh tis.. MINE!” Classic Pacino.

I’ve never read the Shakespeare play, but the movie looks beautiful, and with Pacino and Jeremy Irons in it, you can’t help but be entertained, methinks.

“If you PRICK US, do we not bleed?” These are the kinds of quotes that make great .wav files for your desktop…

Pacino’s Brooklyn accent sounds strange in Italy, though.

Mackenzie Crook from THE OFFICE also has a bit part in the movie somewhere. It’s mentioned on the last DVD for that series.

Easy features LOST’s Saad as a tender lover. Clearly, though, it’s Marguerite Moreau’s breakout movie. She should be a huge star, just judging from the trailer. She’s done a lot of schlock up till now.

House of Flying Daggers is at the top of my “Movies I Need To See” list right now. Speaking of which, HERO is out on DVD this week.

The Phantom of the Opera trailer has some good things going for it. Still, it’s Andrew Lloyd Weber and Joel Schumacher working together. I half expect we’ll see a shot of the Phantom suiting up, complete with his PhantomNipples.

(Will we comics fans EVER let Schumacher’s Batman movies go? Nah, probably not.)

There are parts of the trailer that look like an Asian movie (see HERO or FLYING DAGGERS), parts that look like MOULIN ROUGE CGI, and some that are just pure Busby Berkeley spectacle. Interesting mix.


2 Responses to “Movie Trailers of the Week”

  1. Matthew M
    29. November 2004 at 16:27

    I can’t bow down and worship at the altar of Emmy Rossum enough. She’s an absolutely amazing talent, and is going to be red-hot after PHANTOM opens. Plus she just turned 18, so I don’t feel so… wrong about it. ;)

    (Check her out in either SONGCATCHER or PASSIONADA. The former is a really strong film, while the latter has its moments.)

  2. Patricia
    29. November 2004 at 22:01

    See, and I’ve seen Phantom so so so so many times, including with Michael Crawford, that I am extremely hesitant about this cast.

    Heck, I’m hesitant about the fact that it’s Joel Schumacher, because he and Sir Lloyd Webber don’t exactly feel like the best “fit.” But my obssessive love of Phantom will have me in the seats on opening night.

    It LOOKS incredible. Just phenomenal. And the over-the-top touches and strangeness fit the feel of the melodrama and passion of the music. But again, it’s all about delivering the emotion in the music itself, and this cast is a largely unknown quantity with me.