The Polar Express

There is a theory floating around that POLAR EXPRESS has “failed” at the box office because it was released too early. Nobody wanted to go to a Christmas movie on November 10th.

The breakout at Box Office Mojo would seem to be bearing that out. This weekend’s box office for the movie (projected/estimated so far) puts it ahead of last weekend and even ahead of its opening Friday. As a bonus, it pulled down $3.7 million on Thanksgiving Day, almost three times what it pulled down last Thursday.

The weekend numbers show the nice bounce.

It’ll be interesting to see how it does in the coming weeks.


6 Responses to “The Polar Express”

  1. WebmasterMama
    29. November 2004 at 14:19

    It sure is a fabulous movie though…. anytime of year.

  2. Matthew M
    29. November 2004 at 16:24

    The marketing genius who decided to open up “Polar Express” a month and a half before Christmas — and a mere five days after the mammoth juggernaut of “The Incredibles” — should lose his job. This is a film that should have opened up either the Friday or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    Sheer idiocy on Warners’ part. Zemeckis and Hanks might have some b.o. clout, but this is a CHRISTMAS movie. Look at the $30 million that steaming pile of droppings known as “Christmas With The Kranks” pulled in by opening on Wednesday. If POLAR EXPRESS had opened the same day, it would have clobbered the box office.


  3. Broc Heasley
    29. November 2004 at 19:35

    If it were not for Robert Zemeckis, I would in no way seek this movie out. As it is, I’ll only be catching it on video. Why? Man, look at that horrible, horrible animation. Did they really think that putting a bunch of dots on Tom Hanks’ face would cut it for facial expressions? Look at the extrapolation work done for Gollum and then tell me that the polar express is more advanced. I just can’t get past the cold, dead look to the characters. I imagine a lot of america is having the same problem I am. Despite the effects and textures, the polar express looks like a collossal step backwards for cg animation.

  4. Anonymous
    30. November 2004 at 09:55

    Maybe they released it early so that word-of-mouth would give it some real momentum going into the “normal” Christmas season? That seems to be the case around here – I had more people than I could count tell me how good it was before I saw it myself. And a lot of them had either already seen it more than once or were planning to. As for the animation, from what I understand, they weren’t trying for a photorealistic look, more trying for the same look as the illustrations in the book. Either way, it’s a great holiday movie.

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