Drew Carey can’t catch a break

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I’ve heard from a few folks close to DREW CAREY’S GREEN SCREEN SHOW and they both have similarly depressing news about the show’s future. Says one source: “Yes, we are contractually finishing up our last episode this week and then we’ll be disbanded like a Peruvian brothel after a police raid.”

Let’s hope they at least air the remaining 7 episodes. There were some great sketches in the first five.


2 Responses to “Drew Carey can’t catch a break”

  1. Shawn
    1. December 2004 at 13:25

    Please, let’s not cry for Drew. I think he is doing fine from all the residuals he’s collected. At least enough to pay an ex girlfriends way through college.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    2. December 2004 at 23:21

    I’m crying for me, a fan of his who’s on a losing streak in these past couple of years. ::sigh::

    He’s one of the most creative forces on American TV today. Nobody else has done on American TV in the past ten years the stuff he has done. Nobody else tries improv. Nobody else tries the sit-com format switches he has. This animation/improv hybrid is completely unique.

    And in the past two years, every last bit of it has been canned.

    That sucks.