24 Discussion 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.

A plot revealed. A villain reviled. And Chloe talking too much! GOTTA LOVE IT!

This is your chance to discuss 24 in graphic detail. Spoil away.

Just remember — do NOT talk about the teaser at the end of the episode, and try not to bring in any outside knowledge from what you’ve read in the papers. Stick to the episodes. Thanks. =)


6 Responses to “24 Discussion 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.”

  1. Almaeda
    29. March 2005 at 12:00

    Just a little thing i noticed, how did CTU know Berooz’s mom was dead?

  2. Sean
    29. March 2005 at 12:39

    I noticed that too, but I think there might have been a throw-away line saying CTU found the van and Dina there.

    I knew the gun was empty, but I thought she might pull the trigger and not be caught in the lie.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Berooz will be the one that kills the Mummy.

    Am I the only one thinking the writers watched a couple of James Bond movies to get a feel for the stealing of the fighter jet?

    Plotwise, I’m pretty sure what the jet will be used for…shooting down Air Force One. Just who is the VP or next in line of succession? My guess it will be Billy Devane’s character.

    Whatever happened to the hacker from earlier in the day?

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. March 2005 at 13:36

    Yes, they do mention recovering a van with Deena’s body in it. That’s when the panic started to set in.

    And I thought the gun was empty, too, but Deena wasn’t quite in the right state of mind at that point. I’m sure if the situation had been reversed, Jack would have noticed how light the gun was and fired it, knowing it to be empty.

  4. Tom Galloway
    29. March 2005 at 16:21

    They’ll have to kill a lot of people to get down to Heller. He’s Secretary of Defense, who only becomes President if all of the President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tem of the Senate, Secretary of State, and the Secretary of the Treasury get taken out first.

  5. Scott Beeler
    29. March 2005 at 19:01

    Chloe talking too much indeed. “I was unthinkingly blunt, wasn’t I. I do that a lot. Sorry.” :-)

    It certainly looks like they’re trying to take out Air Force One. I suspect he’ll get in the air right before CTU makes the link with the police report from the Opportune Off-Camera Nosy Relative. Then we’ll get some nifty “fighter plane sent to shoot down the assassin” footage or some such. Anyway, Marwan’s distraction plan seems to be working very well, though at the risk of new leads in finding him now that Jack’s free again.

    I think Deena must have just panicked, because trying to shoot Marwan really makes no sense from her point of view. Even if successful, then (A) she’d almost certainly be immediately killed by his henchmen, which spoils the point of her deal with CTU that she’d be able to go live with her son, and (B) it also might put a big crimp in Marwan’s terrorist plans, which Deena wants to succeed — she’s only helping CTU reluctantly because of Behrooz (see part (A)).

  6. Sean
    29. March 2005 at 19:46

    You are absolutely right Tom. I’m wondering if the President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tem of the Senate, Secretary of State, and the Secretary of the Treasury are all traveling on Air Force One.

    In 24-logic that would be true.