Let the speculation begin

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Ted Koppel, who has anchored ABC News’”Nightline” since its inception a quarter-century ago, said Thursday he will leave the network when his contract expires at the end of the year.

When does Letterman’s current contract expire? Will they move Kimmel up? Or will they stick with news?

Honestly, I don’t think they’ll stick with news much past Koppel’s departure. They might try it for a short time, but the miniscule ratings will drop and they’ll need to try something different.

I suspect we’ll finally see an 11:35 ABC late night talk show by this time next year.


3 Responses to “Let the speculation begin”

  1. Shawn
    31. March 2005 at 13:42

    Let the speculation begin. I know your favorite Howard Stern has been rumored for this exact time slot.

  2. Mike
    31. March 2005 at 18:31

    My money’s on Kimmel being bumped up to that time slot.

  3. GeorgeC.
    3. April 2005 at 05:46

    Howard Stern will NEVER get this slot.

    Stern’s failed in TV every chance he’s gotten… Some people just don’t translate well to other media and with all the FCC-fracas he’d shred whatever is left of his credibility by jumping ship to ABC. Won’t happen, guys. TV is even more tightly regulated than radio.

    As for Kimmel…

    I’m surprised the guy’s lasted as long as he has. Frankly, he’s better when he’s paired with somebody else he can play off whether it’s Adam Carolla or Ben Stein. I just haven’t been impressed by what I’ve seen of his show on ABC.

    However, given the fact that it doesn’t look like ABC has a snowball’s chance in heck of snaring either Letterman or another bigshot, it looks like they probably WOULD move Kimmel to the 11:30-ish timeslot.

    That said, none of these talkshows are the highest-rated thing at 11:00PM, midnight hours… That would be the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network! It regularly pulls in bigger numbers among the 18-34 year-old demographic than either The Tonight Show or The Late Show.