Pepsi really is better than Coke

Toldja so!

Now, I have the science to prove it:

frontline: the persuaders: neuromarketing | PBS

Montague had his subjects take the Pepsi Challenge while he watched their neural activity with a functional MRI machine, which tracks blood flow to different regions of the brain. Without knowing what they were drinking, about half of them said they preferred Pepsi. But once Montague told them which samples were Coke, three-fourths said that drink tasted better, and their brain activity changed too. Coke “lit up” the medial prefrontal cortex — a part of the brain that controls higher thinking. Montague’s hunch was that the brain was recalling images and ideas from commercials, and the brand was overriding the actual quality of the product.

8 thoughts on “Pepsi really is better than Coke

  1. Diet Vanilla Coke has the edge over all. However, I prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke any day.

  2. I think every Pepsi product is better than the corresponding Coke product. Pepsi is better than Coke. Mountain Dew is better than Mellow Yellow. Etc.

  3. Try this–all colas suck. I don’t know what it is. It’s one of those things where I figure either the whole world is mad or I am, but cola, any cola, is just about the about the worst thing you can put in your mouth. It tastes like rotten, dipped-in-fish-batter medicine. It’s all gross people. You’re talking about degrees of grossness.

  4. It’s just the sugar talking.

    Oh, and Coke is better. All around. Of course, that all probably depends on where you’re from too.

  5. No, Dr Pepper is where it’s at people. Leave the colas for the kiddies and their tooth experiments.

  6. Yuck… Pepsi tastes so bitter and tart!

    Caffeine-free Coke is where it’s at, folks!

    (Vanilla Coke is even yuckier than Pepsi… Let us not speak of C2 — it’s the 21st Century New Coke!)

    The unColas, Mountain Dews, and 7-Ups are bland-tasting to me.

    (The Diet colas all give me horrible headaches. I’m sensitive to Nutrasweet and can’t tolerate the stuff…)

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